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Question various options are proposed and evaluated towards a water management strategy, explain briefly three of available conceptual tool when devising options and discuss an detail the broad categories of factor that will enable the option to be evaluated? .
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What are the differences between balloon framing and platform framing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Why has platform faming become the method of choice? Why is little added fire stopping required in platform framing? Why is a steel beam or glue-laminated wood beam preferred to a solid.
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Question Desert sands, deposited in large dune fields, is less suitable for construction purposes than is sand found in river and beach deposits because: A. it consists of smaller grains B. it consists fo softer minerals C. the quartz grains tend to be smoother and less angular D. they contain a greater percentage of soluble.
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Question 1- After finishing a new construction project, why is the first task often to install new landscaping around the area? Select one: a. The plants will add additional weight to the slope and keep it stable. b. The roots take in oxygen and release it into the soil to increase surface tension. c. The.
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Question To what extent should engineers be able to exercise professional autonomy bullet What is the responsibility of engineers to ensure people have a safe exit when disaster strikes an engineered work? bullet What is the role of engineers in making the locals aware of the risks associated with the levee.
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State the governing condition: 43. For particular following adjustment reference allowable stress for the species s1200 psi. The factors CD (load duration factor) 1.25 CM (wet service factor) 0.90 Cr (repetitive member factor) 1.15 CF (size factor) 1.20 All other adjustment factors can be taken as 1.0. What is the.
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