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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my dashboard?

Just sign in to your account or signup. You will be redirected to your dashboard automatically.

You can navigate to your dashboard from the top right corner of any page from the dropdown once you click on your image or initials Icon shown there.

I forgot my Password!

Click on the login/sign-up button and use the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password via Email verification.

What is the progress bar on account completion in the dashboard?

The progress bar indicates your profile completeness. The more the information you share with us, the more will we be able to assist you better. Click here to complete your profile info.

What is the need for membership?

Membership allows you to store all your data such as bookmarks, downloads, visiting history, etc, in your dashboard and you will have increased daily limits on Flashcards with just a sign-up.

How do I signup?

Click on the login/signup button on the top left corner of any page. Fill in basic info and signup. You can use your Google or Facebook account as well to signup instantly. 

Is this paid?

We have both paid and free membership options. Free membership enables dashboard to access and increased daily viewing limit on Flashcards. You need to get a paid membership for accessing other resources.

What is a paid membership?

Paid membership is the subscription for unlimited access to four resources on our website:

10 Million+ Homework Answers, Textbook Solutions, Flashcards and Study Documents. 

Why Should I take a paid package?

You need to have a membership package to view unlimited answers, textbook guides, documents, and flashcards. You can get discounts on custom services and further offers as well by becoming a premium member.

What are the available packages?

We offer a 3-day Trial Pass. You can extend it to 1 month, 3 months or Annual membership. Or you can keep extending your 3-day pass. We recommend a monthly or higher package for maximum savings.

Can I cancel it if I want to?

The 3-day pass cannot be cancelled as it is a short-term one-time purchase.

You can cancel renewal of all other packages anytime you want to.

We suggest you can contact our 24X7 Live Chat support before cancelling for maximum benefit.

What is the expiry on my membership?

Your membership will expire based on the duration mentioned in your package. 1-month membership will expire in a month and so on. Expiry notification will be shown on your dashboard.

What are these questions?

This is our largest and most varied collection of questions and answers collected and solved by our experts over years of homework help, direct assistance and data compilation. Over 2 Million solutions are available for your use with a single membership.

I just need one question. Why should I subscribe?

You will have many questions in the future as well as you are a great learner. We do not sell any solution individually as it will be a recurring cost for students. We have packages as low as 3.99 USD with access to all solved questions in our homework answers database. 

Can I use this for my exam?

You can use any question for exam or test preparation or revision only. However, most institutions would prevent the use of a direct answer reference DURING an exam.

The answer provided is wrong!

We strive to provide 100% correct answers to our maximum ability. However, since these answers were solved and compiled over more than a decade, there is a possibility of errors as well. Kindly let us know the question you viewed and we will provide an alternative solution immediately to your satisfaction.

My question is similar but not exactly the same!

This is an opportunity for you to check out awesome Study Help service. Click here to post your question and we will help you with live assistance to resolve it.

I am unable to find my question.

Kindly Post Your Question. You may get it answered free if it is a simple question. If not, we will provide you with a student-friendly price as compensation for solving the same. There is no obligation to pay if you decide not to.

Is this a textbook?

We do not endorse or sell any Textbooks in this service. This is only a solution guide for the textbook shown. So, you will find all the answers to questions in the textbook, indexed for your ease of use. ExploreNow!

I am unable to find the book I need.

You can request for your textbook to be answered. While you may get the book resolved within 15-20 days’ subject to expert availability and can access it at no cost if you are premium member, We encourage you to use our Study Help service for the specific question or even a full chapter you currently, need within a 24-48-hour window.

My book is similar but not the same!

This may be due to different versions or editions of the same book. You can check the table of contents and match the questions in each chapter (As you can see, the questions are free to view for the entire book). You can subscribe if you decide the step-by-step solutions will be useful albeit the differences.

Not all questions are answered!

We try not to post guidebooks that are under progress. However, some guides are so high in demand that we have to post them as we work on them. If you find the notification stating, "An expert is currently solving this for you" in the answer section, you can contact customer support to know the status or even get an instant answer if you are a premium member.

The ISBN's are not matching!

Check if there are other ISBN's mentioned on the book cover page. If it still does not match, check the samples available to ensure you are on the right guide. 

Can I see some samples?

Every chapter in the book has the first three solutions displayed in full for free. Browse the chapters and questions to view the same. 

Is it possible to see a specific answer before I subscribe?

Contact customer support via Live Chat to request the same. They will assist you with the full answer if it is a simple question or a partial answer to assure you of the availability if it is a large solution. 

What is a Flashcard?

A flashcard is an age-old learning tool that has a question on one side and answers on the other side. You can use it for revisions, self-tests, exam preparation or even as teaching aids if you are an instructor. A collection of such cards is called a Stack.

How can I increase my daily limit?

Your daily limit can be increased by signing up if you are a visitor. If you are already logged in and want more than 300 cards per day, you can subscribe for a premium membership with one of our student-friendly offers. 

How can I create my own flashcards?

You can click on create flashcards link on any flashcard module page or use the dropdown menu by clicking on Earn from the header. You can type and create individual cards or upload in bulk using the .csv template available on the create page. 

How much will I earn by creating Flashcards?

Every 1000 accesses will generate 10 credits from the cards you create. You need to wait for the cards to be approved before they can be shared or promoted for viewing.

I do not want anyone else to view the cards I created.

You can choose the Private option while creating the cards. There will be no earning option for private flashcards though.

I want to remove the flashcards I created.

You can do it by logging in and deleting the flashcard stack in your recently created table on your dashboard.

What are these documents?

These are all study documents such as class notes and question & answers, where students can view and download educational documents shared by their peers. They can share their documents and earn credits as well.

Where are they collected from?

All of the documents are shared or uploaded by users like you and the website allows 100% unlimited access as a part of your membership privilege.

Will it be considered plagiarism if I use these documents directly?

Yes! You can only use these documents as a reference to create your own work.

How is my document available in this list? I did not upload it.

This is a sharing portal and we only check the validity of the document and its originality. So, if you find your document uploaded without your permission, you can let us know by flagging the document using the "Flag" button and we will immediately take appropriate action for the takedown.

How can I report a document shared on this site?

Click on the "Flag" button above the document viewer and choose the reason for reporting. Immediate action will be taken for taking down the document.

How much can I earn by sharing my own documents?

Documents are varied and have different values. Hence, we can only provide credits after reviewing the documents you upload.

What is the waiting time after uploading?

The average time will be 1-2 hours after the upload.  If there is a huge inflow of documents, it may take up to 12 hours at the maximum. You will receive notifications both on your dashboard and email as soon as we validate your document.

I uploaded documents but did not receive credits.

Credits are provided only if the document is original and appropriate. If your document has not been approved, no credits will be available. Kindly check with the customer support if you feel your document has been rejected without proper reason. 

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