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  11. Starting from rest, a wheel undergoes constant angular acceleration for a period of time T. At what time after the start of rotation does the wheel reach an angular speed equal to its average angular speed for this interval? A. 0.25 T B. 0.50 T C. 0.67 T D. 0.71 T 12. Starting from.
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  66. Consider the use of the terms "rotation" and "revolution". In physics: A. the words are used interchangeably. B. the words are used interchangeably but "rotation" is the preferred word. C. the words have different meaning. D. "rotation" is the correct word and "revolution" should not be used. 67. A solid disk of radius R.
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  46. What angular speed (in revolutions/second) is needed for a centrifuge to produce an acceleration of 1 000 g at a radius arm of 15.0 cm? A. 40.7 rev/s B. 75.4 rev/s C. 81.4 rev/s D. 151 rev/s 47. An airplane in a wide sweeping "outside" loop can create zero gees inside the aircraft cabin..
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