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Question A company has identified three activities in its manufacturingprocess: machine setups, machining, and inspections. Estimatedannual overhead costs for each activity is $140,000, $360,000 and$68,000 respectively. The cost driver for each activity and theexpected annual usage are: number of setups, 1,000, machine hours,20,000 and number of inspections, 2,000.  What is the.

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Question Rey Custom Electronics (RCE) sells and installs complete security, computer, audio, and video systems for homes. On newly constructed homes it provides bids using time-and-material pricing. The following budgeted cost data are available. The company has budgeted for 5, 770 hours of technician time during the coming year. It desires.

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Question Blue Corporation's standards call for 2,200 direct labor-hours to produce 1,100 units of product. During May 950 units were produced and the company worked 1,000 direct labor-hours. The standard hours allowed for May production would be: A. 2,200 hours B. 1,000 hours C. 1,900 hours D. 1,250 hours Blue Corporation's standards call for 2,200 direct.

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Question Blue Corporation's standards call for 3,000 direct labor-hours to produce 1,200 units of product. During May 1,000 units were produced and the company worked 1,100 direct labor-hours. The standard hours allowed for May production would be: 3,000 hours 1,100 hours 2,500 hours 2,000 hours Blue Corporation's standards call for 3,000 direct labor-hours to produce 1,200.

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  Question A Company manufactures one product. Its variable manufacturingoverhead is applied to production based on direct labor-hours andits standard cost card per unit is as follows:           Direct material: 4pounds at $10 per pound $ 40   Direct labor: 2hours at $13 per hour   26   Variable overhead: 2hours at $9 per hour   18         Total standardvariable cost per.

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Question brusveen corporation applies manufacturing overhead to jobs onthe basis of direct labor hours. Direct labor hours estimated at15,000 with Manufacturing overhead cost of $300,000. The actualdirect labor hours were 14,800 and manufacturing overhead cost was$287,120. What was Brusveen's underapplied or overapplied overheadfor last year?   .

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Question Baka Corporation applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of direct labor-hours. At the beginning of the most recent year, the company based its predetermined overhead rate on total estimated overhead of $244,800 and 9,800 estimated direct labor-hours. Actual manufacturing overhead for the year amounted to $245,400 and actual direct labor-hours.

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Question Schell Company manufactures automobile floor mats. It currentlyhas two product lines, the Standard and the Deluxe. Suppose thatSchell has conducted further research into its overhead andpotential cost drivers. As a result, the company has compiled thefollowing detailed information, breaking total overhead into threecost pools:   Activity Cost Pools Cost Driver Cost Assigned to Pool Quantity/Amount Consumed by Standard Floor.

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Question A company allocates overhead based on direct labor hours.Manufacturing overhead was estimated to be $4,100,000, and thecompany anticipated working 325,000 direct labor hours. Actualmanufacturing overhead costs were $3,910,000, and actual directlabor hours worked were 324,200. What is the predetermined overheadallocation rate (rounded to the nearest cent)? How much overheadwas allocated.

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Question Diemer, Inc., manufactures and sells two products: Product N4 and Product R7. Data concerning the expected production of each product and the expected total direct labor-hours (DLHs) required to produce that output appear below: The company is considering adopting an activity-based costing system with the following activity cost pools, activity measures,.

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Question Renfro Manufacturing identified the following data in its twoproduction departments. Manufacturing overhead costs:     assembly = $600,000      finishing = $1,200,000 Direct labor hours worked:      assembly = 12,000 DLH      finishing = 20,000 DLH Machine hours used:      assembly = 6,000 MH      finishing = 16,000 MH 1.Whatis the company's single plantwide overhead rate based on directlabor hours (DLH)?.

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Question Activity-based costing for a service company Crosswinds Hospital plans to use activity-based costing to assign hospital indirect costs to the care of patients. The hospital has identified the following activities and activity rates for the hospital indirect costs: The activity usage information associated with the two patients is as follows: Activity Activity Rate Room and.

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Question 1) MC Qu. 101 Jolin Corporation keeps careful ... Jolin Corporation keeps careful track of the time required to fill orders. The times recorded for a particular order appear below: The throughput time was: A) 35.1 hours B) 38.5 hours C) 12.4 hours D) 3.4 hours   Hours Move time 2.0 Wait time 26.1 Queue time 9.0 Process time 1.2 Inspection time 0.2   .

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Question A service business estimates its direct labor costs to be$3,250,000 for the year. The estimated direct labor hours are50,000. Overhead is allocated based on direct labor hours, andestimated overhead is $800,000 annually. The business desires a 60%markup. Calculate the following (rounded to the nearest cent): •Direct labor rate per hour •Predetermined overhead.

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Question Daget Corporation uses direct labor-hours in its predetermined overhead rate. At the beginning of the year, the total estimated manufacturing overhead was $364,980. At the end of the year, actual direct labor-hours for the year were 24,000 hours, manufacturing overhead for the year was overapplied by $8,900, and the actual.

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Question Bunker Company produces two types of glucose monitors (basic and advanced). Both pass through two producing departments: Fabrication and Assembly. Bunker also has an Inspection Department that is responsible for testing monitors to ensure that they perform within prespecified tolerance ranges (a sampling procedure is used). Budgeted data for the.

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Question Meyers Corporation had the following inventory balances at thebeginning and end of November: November 1 November 30 Raw Materials$ 40,000 $ 16,000 Finished Goods $ 118,000 $ 103,000 Work inProcess $ 20,000 $ 26,000 During November, $92,000 in raw materials(all direct materials) were drawn from inventory and used inproduction. The.

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