71) Companies tend to use geographic divisions when they have

Question : 71) Companies tend to use geographic divisions when they have : 1419055


71) Companies tend to use geographic divisions when they have large foreign operations that are not dominated by a single country or market.

72) Andrews Enterprises, which uses an international division structure, should be able to respond quickly to foreign activities but will most likely experience costly country-to-country duplication.

73) In a matrix structure, product, functional, or geographic groups compete for resources.

74) A matrix organization is a hybrid of the functional and geographic organizations.

75) Neoclassical structures aim to centralize decision-making authority by removing boundaries that impede the decentralization of decision making.

76) A common feature of neoclassical structures is greater cross-functional collaboration.

77) The notion of boundaries, within the context of neoclassical structures, refers to those limitations that interfere with communication and collaboration between the firm and its suppliers, distributors, allies, competitive rivals, and customers.

78) The keiretsu structure long used by Japanese companies is an example of virtual organization.

79) Coordination methods include mutual adjustment, planning, and standardization.

80) Coordination by plan deals with exact rules and procedures that spell out what needs to be done and how.



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