63) The steps of the management science process are: A) problem

Question : 63) The steps of the management science process are: A) problem : 1419477


63) The steps of the management science process are:

A) problem definition, model construction, observation, model solution, implementation.

B) observation, problem definition, model construction, model solution, implementation.

C) model construction, problem definition, observation, model solution, implementation.

D) observation, implementation, problem definition, model construction, model solution.


64) A model is a functional relationship that includes:

A) variables.

B) parameters.

C) equations.

D) all of the above

65) Which of the following is an equation or an inequality that expresses a resource restriction in a mathematical model?

A) a decision variable

B) an objective function

C) a constraint

D) a parameter


66) There is considerable overlap in the scientific method and management science techniques. Which of the following steps is shared between them?

A) observation

B) problem definition

C) model construction

D) implementation


67) Which of the following is incorrect with respect to the use of models in decision making?

A) They improve understanding of the problem.

B) They promote subjectivity in decision making.

C) They are generally easy to use.

D) They provide a systematic approach to problem solving.


68) The field of management science:

A) approaches decision making irrationally with techniques based on the scientific method.

B) is another name for management or human resources management.

C) concentrates on the use of quantitative methods to assist managers in decision making.

D) is completely separate and distinct from all other disciplines.

69) The processes of problem observation:

A) cannot be done until alternatives are proposed.

B) requires consideration of multiple criteria.

C) is the first step of decision making.

D) is the final step of problem solving.


70) The limits of the problem and the degree to which it pervades other units in the organization must be included during the ________ step of the management science process.

A) observation

B) definition

C) solution

D) implementation


71) ________ involves determining the functional relationship between variables, parameters, and equations.

A) Problem observation

B) Problem definition

C) Model construction

D) Model solution


72) Which steps of the management science process can either be a recommended decision or information that helps a manager make a decision?

A) model implementation

B) problem definition

C) model solution

D) problem formulation



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