61) Which of the following statements true about personal communication

Question : 61) Which of the following statements true about personal communication : 1408439


61) Which of the following statements is true about personal communication channels?

A) A magazine advertisement exemplifies the use of a personal communication channel.

B) All personal communication channels are directly controlled by a company.

C) Personal communication channels do not allow sending and receiving of feedback.

D) Word-of-mouth influence uses a personal communication channel.

E) A billboard message exemplifies the use of a personal communication channel.

62) Personal communications about a product between target buyers and neighbors, friends, family members, associates, and other consumers, are known as ________.

A) personal selling

B) direct marketing

C) public relations

D) buzz marketing

E) word-of-mouth influence

63) ________ involves cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or a service to others in their communities.

A) Sales promotion

B) Indirect marketing

C) Buzz marketing

D) Stealth marketing

E) Public relations

64) A manufacturer of a variety of technological devices asked its marketing department to develop inexpensive methods of building and maintaining brand awareness and excitement. The marketing department then recruited consumers who were early adopters of technological devices to spread the word about the company's new products. This is an example of ________.

A) a reverse marketing activity

B) nonpersonal marketing

C) buzz marketing

D) sales promotion

E) direct marketing

65) Nonpersonal communication channels include major media, ________, and events.

A) sales calls

B) buzz marketing

C) atmospheres

D) word-of-mouth influence

E) phone calls

66) Display media includes ________.

A) newspapers

B) magazines

C) television

D) company Web sites

E) billboards

67) ________ are staged occurrences that communicate messages to target audiences.

A) Focus groups

B) Encoders

C) Atmospheres

D) Events

E) Decoders

68) To ________, a marketer would most likely ask target audience members whether they remember the message, how many times they saw it, and what points they remember.

A) select a message source

B) collect feedback

C) select a message channel

D) plan a media purchase

E) design a marketing appeal

69) While using the "________ method" for setting an advertising budget, a company starts with total revenues, deducts operating expenses and capital outlays, and then devotes some portion of the remaining funds to advertising.

A) integrated

B) moving-average

C) competitive-parity

D) percentage-of-sales

E) affordable

70) Which of the following statements is true regarding the affordable method for setting a promotion budget?

A) It is mostly used by large businesses.

B) It completely ignores the effects of promotion on sales.

C) It tends to place promotion first among spending priorities.

D) It leads to a certain annual promotion budget.

E) It almost always results in overspending.



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