41.In general, people will be indifferent to managerial directives or

Question : 41.In general, people will be indifferent to managerial directives or : 1418408


41.In general, people will be indifferent to managerial directives or orders if they ____.

a.are understood

b.are consistent with the purpose of the organization

c.can actually be carried out by those people

d.are compatible with the people’s personal interests

e.meet all of the above qualifications

42.Which of the following management theorists believed that workers ultimately grant managers their authority?

a.Chester Barnard

b.Max Weber

c.Mary Parker Follett

d.Elton Mayo

e.Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

43.____ involves managing the daily production of goods and services.

a.Operations management

b.Resource management

c.Systems management

d.Contingency management

e.Bureaucratic management

44.Which of the following is NOT an example of a commonly used operations management tool?

a.capacity planning

b.linear programming

c.scheduling systems

d.target marketing

e.Gantt charts

45.Who is responsible for the fact that most products are manufactured using standardized, interchangeable parts.

a.Henri Fayol

b.Eli Whitney

c.Chester Barnard

d.Frederick Taylor

e.Elton Mayo

46.In general, this management theory uses a quantitative approach to find ways to increase productivity, improve quality, and manage or reduce costly inventories.

a.administrative management

b.management science

c.information management

d.communications management

e.operations management

47.Thanks to  ____, Unverferth, a farm equipment manufacturer, was able to use computer-assisted design in the development of its new 12-row subsoiler for cotton production.

a.Henry Ford

b.Henry Gantt

c.Gaspard Monge

d.Eli Whitney

e.Pietro Beretta

48.What is the term used for the amount and number of raw materials, parts, and finished products that a company has in its possession?


b.material resources

c.distributed materials


e.physical resources

49.Which of the following statements about information management is true?

a.It is a form of management that appeared with the introduction of computers.

b.Two types of information technology are the cash register and the typewriter.

c.Throughout history, organizations have been reticent to adopt new information technologies.

d.Businesses are not typically interested in information technologies that offer speed.

e.All of these statement about information management are true.

50.A systems view of management allows managers to ____.

a.deal with the complex environment in which their companies operate

b.manage employee attendance

c.communicate efficiently

d.store and retrieve all types of information

e.eliminate production bottlenecks



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