41) To communicate effectively, a marketing communicator should most likely

Question : 41) To communicate effectively, a marketing communicator should most likely : 1408437


41) To communicate effectively, a marketing communicator should most likely ________.

A) ensure that the encoding and decoding processes are different

B) encode and decode the message personally and frequently

C) understand the consumer's field of experience

D) foresee unplanned static or distortion

E) use familiar words and symbols

42) Marketing communicators must be good at ________ messages that take into account how the target audience ________ them.

A) delivering; encodes

B) sending; encodes

C) encoding; decodes

D) retrieving; perceives

E) decoding; receives

43) Which of the following is the first step in developing an effective integrated communications and promotion program?

A) designing a message

B) identifying the target audience

C) determining the communication objectives

D) collecting feedback

E) choosing the media through which to send a message

44) While developing an effective integrated communication, once the target audience has been defined, marketers must ________.

A) determine the desired response

B) collect feedback

C) choose the media through which to send a message

D) select the message source

E) design a message

45) The six stages consumers normally pass through on their way to making a purchase are known as the ________ stages.

A) personal-readiness

B) buyer-readiness

C) objective-readiness

D) market-readiness

E) supplier-readiness

46) Among the buyer-readiness stages, the first stage is ________.

A) preference

B) knowledge

C) liking

D) awareness

E) insistence

47) Boson Corp. is introducing consumers to its new car with the help of an advertisement campaign. This introductory campaign most likely aims to affect the ________ stage of buyer-readiness.

A) liking

B) awareness

C) preference

D) insistence

E) conviction

48) In the AIDA model, the D stands for ________.

A) demand

B) desire

C) data

D) diversion

E) decoding

49) The AIDA model identifies the characteristics of an effective ________.

A) advertising budget

B) channel of communication

C) marketing message

D) marketing mix

E) marketing response

50) A message showing a product's quality, economy, value, or performance is an example of a(n) ________ appeal.

A) structural

B) rational

C) emotional

D) moral

E) standard



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