31) In the context of outsourcing, once a company has

Question : 31) In the context of outsourcing, once a company has : 1415470


31) In the context of outsourcing, once a company has chosen a vendor, further risk management is up to that vendor.

32) The acquisition and operation of hardware infrastructure cannot be outsourced.

33) Acquiring licensed software is a form of outsourcing.

34) In case of Software as a Service (SaaS), hardware and both operating system and application software are leased.

35) With outsourcing, there is seldom any concern about loss of intellectual capital.

36) Outsourcing does not present any risks related to ending an agreement.

37) If the outsource vendor's employees have gained significant knowledge of the company, ending the agreement is a major risk.

38) Replacing an outsource vendor who is integrated into the business can be done without a lot of expenditure or duplication of effort.

39) After a vendor has completed the initial application development, it may become infeasible in terms of time and money to consider moving to another, better, lower-cost vendor.

40) Not just financial concerns, even time and events could force a company to decide to outsource.



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