21.“When a company needs a loan, it goes to a

Question : 21.“When a company needs a loan, it goes to a : 1409002


21.“When a company needs a loan, it goes to a bank. When a company needs a CEO, it goes to General Electric.”  This quote reflects:

a.GE’s outstanding top management recruitment and selection processes.

b.GE’s commitment to the philosophy that leaders are born, not made.

c.GE’s commitment to leadership development.

d.GE’s philosophy about the importance of management mobility.

22.Which of the following can hurt an organization’s ability to develop effective leadership?

a.rapid upward mobility

b.movement within a single function

c.short-term performance pressures

d.recruitment for specific technical skills

e.all of the above

23.Which of the following is a recommended strategy for developing future leaders?

a.focus on working through hierarchical authority

b.learn to effectively manage plans and budgets

c.work with the organization’s formal structure

d.think in long-term time horizons

e.all of the above

24.____________ mobility is only one of the traditional development practices that can undermine the development of individuals capable of effective leadership.

a.Rapid upward

b.Rapid downward

c.Slow upward

d.Slow downward

e.none of the above

25.Effective change implementation requires:

a.high levels of commitment among employees.

b.a strong sense of shared purpose and partnership.

c.a climate of trust that supports candid communication.

d.all of the above

e.both A and B

26.What is NOT a liability of a strong, individual leader?

a.High levels of dependency promote individual and group initiative.

b.Dependency slows decision making.

c.Providing feedback becomes risky.

d.Teamwork and sharing responsibility is avoided.

27.Changing an organization is a challenge that requires ____________ rather than ____________ leadership.

a.mobilizing; adaptive

b.immediate; long-term

c.distributed; individual

d.dominant; dysfunctional

28.Effective change implementation requires:

a.a climate of trust that supports candid communication.

b.a climate of trust that supports open inquiry.

c.a climate of trust that supports joint problem solving.

d.all of the above

e.both A and B

29.Top executives often conceive their roles in ____________ rather than ____________ terms, leading them away from the sense of shared responsibility so vital to teamwork.

a.interdependent; independent

b.dependent; interdependent

c.independent; interdependent

d.interdependent; dependent

e.none of the above

30.In order to achieve shared leadership, executives must:

a.think of their role in interdependent terms.

b.model shared decision making.

c.remember that consensus is good, argument is bad.

d.learn to work with disagreement and debate.

e.A, B and C



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