21. In the context of evaluating theories in psychology, _____

Question : 21. In the context of evaluating theories in psychology, _____ : 1411842


21. In the context of evaluating theories in psychology, _____ replication means doing a study with different methods or different types of samples.

A. concrete

B. hypothetical

C. conceptual

D. direct

22. In the context of evaluating theories in psychology, _____ is a method that allows researchers to combine the results of several studies on a similar topic in order to establish the strength of an effect.

A. meta-analysis

B. replication

C. substantiation

D. verification

23. Bradley conducts research to validate his hypothesis that increased job satisfaction leads to greater organizational commitment among employees. He collates the existing data from all of the studies that he can locate on the topic. By looking at the data, he establishes that his hypothesis has been consistently proven correct across the studies. In this scenario, the method of study used by Bradley is _____.

A. direct replication

B. correlational research

C. meta-analysis

D. experimental design

24. Meta-analytic results in psychological research are more powerful than the results of a single study because:

A. they combine many findings in the literature.

B. they use different sampling techniques.

C. they are obtained using careful experimental design.

D. they provide conclusions from bias-free studies.

25. Surveys, case studies, and interviews are all a part of the psychological research method known as _____ research.

A. experimental

B. descriptive

C. correlational

D. developmental

26. In the context of psychological research methods, a(n) _____ presents a standard set of questions, or items, to obtain people’s self-reported attitudes or beliefs about a particular topic.

A. experiment

B. case study

C. observation

D. survey

27. In the context of psychological research methods, which of the following scenarios is an example of the survey method?

A. Dr. Adele watches children as they learn to read.

B. Dr. Gomes studies his patients while they undergo psychological counseling.

C. Dr. Trooper collects children’s school grades and test scores.

D. Dr. Frank asks people how many hours of television they watch per week.

28. Mila, a geography teacher, wants to know her students’ opinions about the food served in the school’s cafeteria. In the context of psychological research, Mila should use the _____ method to obtain the data.

A. observational

B. experimental

C. survey

D. case study

29. Which of the following psychological research methods is likely to be most effective for the purpose of determining the popularity of a social networking site among students in a university?

A. Experiment

B. Case study

C. Survey

D. Longitudinal study

30. Which of the following techniques is NOT an example of the survey method?

A. A telephone interview

B. An online poll

C. A naturalistic observation

D. A paper-and-pencil test



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