21) Air pollution in Tehran ________. A) caused primarily by vehicles

Question : 21) Air pollution in Tehran ________. A) caused primarily by vehicles : 2040922

21) Air pollution in Tehran ________.

A) is caused primarily by vehicles unequipped with pollution control technology

B) has been reduced by 90% thanks to strict air pollution laws

C) is far less serious than in Los Angeles

D) is caused mainly by very high levels of CFCs and acid deposition

E) comes primarily from burning fuel wood

22) The reason that temperature increases with altitude through most of the stratosphere is ________.

A) heat is released by absorption of UV radiation by oxygen and ozone

B) sunlight is more intense in the stratosphere

C) jet stream winds produce frictional heat

D) water vapor levels are high and store heat

E) greenhouse gases warm the air

23) The primary causes of acid deposition are ________.

A) tropospheric ozone

B) sulfur and nitrogen oxides

C) soil dust and sand

D) radon gas and fuel wood smoke

E) carbon monoxide and formaldehyde

24) The Montreal Protocol ________.

A) addressed transnational movement of acid-forming pollutants

B) developed the framework for reduction of carbon dioxide in the US and Canada

C) developed the international treaty for eliminating radon emissions from nuclear power plants

D) resulted in significant reduction in the production of CFCs by signatory nations

E) is an exampled of a failed attempt to reduce international air pollution

25) Which one of the following is not yet regulated by the EPA?

A) sulfur and nitrogen oxides

B) lead

C) carbon dioxide

D) ozone

E) carbon monoxide

26) Today, ________ has the worst acid deposition problem, primarily because of ________.

A) the US / soil dust aerosols

B) European Union nations / tropospheric ozone

C) Tehran / burning fuel wood

D) Sweden / methane emissions from cattle and natural gas heating

E) China / coal-fired electrical and industrial plants

27) Water soluble sulfur and nitrogen oxides produced by burning fossil fuels can be removed from an industrial source by ________.

A) wet scrubbers

B) planting large groves of trees nearby

C) filtration

D) removing the sulfur and nitrogen before combustion of fuels

E) catalytic converters

28) Recent evidence suggests that controlling emissions of this gas would reduce both ozone depletion and global warming ________.

A) carbon dioxide

B) methane

C) carbon monoxide

D) nitrous oxide

E) ammonia

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