1.Which of the following best describes a mission statement? a.a description

Question : 1.Which of the following best describes a mission statement? a.a description : 1591709

1.Which of the following best describes a mission statement?

a.a description of a company’s target markets and how to reach them

b.a five-year operational plan for increasing revenues

c.a statement of the organization’s unique purpose

d.an explanation of the activities an organization must perform to achieve its defined goals

2.Activities and standards that an organization must successfully perform or achieve to effectively carry out its mission are called:





3.On a hotel organization chart, solid lines indicate relationships that involve:

a.direct accountability.

b.a high degree of communication and cooperation.

c.functional equality.

d.an indirect reporting relationship.

4.In a large full-service hotel, the front office manager reports to the:

a.general manager.

b.chief engineer.

c.rooms division manager.

d.security director.

5.In a large full-service hotel, the catering director is most likely to report to the:

a.general manager.

b.food and beverage director.

c.director of marketing and sales.

d.front office manager.

6.Which of the following areas of a hotel is a support center?

a.hotel operated gift shop

b.food and beverage department

c.housekeeping department

d.front office department

7.Judy works in the rooms division of a large hotel. Her primary responsibilities are to sell guestrooms, register guests, and maintain guest accounts. Judy works in the ______________ department.

a.front office



d.uniformed services

8.Which of the following departments employs the largest staff in the rooms division?

a.the front office


c.uniformed services


9.Which of the following hotel divisions or departments would be primarily responsible for maintaining the grounds surrounding a hotel?

a.rooms division

b.uniform services department

c.housekeeping department

d.engineering division

10.Which of the following allows employees to vary the times they start and end work?

a.compressed work schedule


c.job sharing

d.reasonable accommodation

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