1) The ________ element in the definition of motivation a

Question : 1) The ________ element in the definition of motivation a : 1399786


1) The ________ element in the definition of motivation is a measure of intensity, drive, and vigor.

A) persistence

B) effort

C) energy

D) direction

2) Some people are motivated and some are not.

3) The definition of motivation has three key elements: energy, direction, and persistence.

4) In the study of motivation, quality is irrelevant to the energy element.

5) Define motivation and discuss the three elements of motivation.

6) In Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, ________ needs form the lowest or foundational step in the hierarchy.

A) psychomotor

B) physiological

C) psychological

D) psychographic

7) Matthew is worried that he will not be able to pay his mortgage and feed his family since he was laid off from his production job.  Which of Maslow's levels of need is a concern to Matthew?

A) self-actualization

B) esteem

C) psychological

D) physiological




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