1) Persons who able to influence others and who possess

Question : 1) Persons who able to influence others and who possess : 1399802


1) Persons who are able to influence others and who possess managerial authority are termed ________.

A) entrepreneurs

B) leaders

C) managers

D) visionaries

2) An important aspect of leadership is influencing a group to achieve its goals.

3) Early research on leadership traits ________.

A) sought to prove that charisma was an essential trait of leadership

B) focused on behavioral traits rather than physical traits of a leader

C) found consistent and unique traits that would apply to all effective leaders

D) focused on characteristics that might differentiate leaders from nonleaders

4) In her speech the previous day, the new CEO had discussed his experience in the industry and his education. Carrie thought that the new CEO would do a great job given these characteristics, coupled with his good oratory skills and the fact that he just looked like a CEO. Carrie realized that she had been judging the new CEO in a manner consistent with the ________ theories of leadership.

A) trait

B) behavioral

C) contingency

D) situational

5) Trait theory ignores ________.

A) physical traits of leaders

B) the aspects of honesty and integrity

C) the interactions of leaders and their group members as well as situational factors

D) the fact that leaders should be able to create visions and solve problems

6) Which of the following describes the leadership style in which a leader tends to centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation?

A) authoritarian style

B) autocratic style

C) democratic style

D) laissez-faire style

7) In working with his employees, Carlos involves them in decision making and encourages them to participate in deciding their work methods and goals. Carlos's leadership style can best be described as ________.

A) autocratic

B) laissez-faire

C) democratic

D) participative

8) Bernard expects his employees to "check their brains at the door."  He does all the thinking, makes all the decisions, and issues commands to his subordinates.  Bernard uses the ________ style of leadership.

A) autocratic

B) authoritarian

C) democratic

D) laissez-faire

9) The ________ style of leadership describes a leader who tends to involve employees in decision making, delegate authority, encourage participation in deciding work methods and goals, and use feedback as an opportunity for coaching employees.

A) participative

B) autocratic

C) democratic

D) laissez-faire

10) Barbara solicits input from her subordinates before making decisions that will affect them.  She often praises them for good work and gently offers suggestions to improve their performance.  Barbara uses the ________ style of leadership.

A) autocratic

B) participative

C) democratic

D) supportive




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