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Women as Educators : A History of Educating and Learning from Women in United States

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In the current age, women are playing a key role in getting education and educating others. As more women are in medicine, engineering, bio-technology and other technology, it eases the rapport between teacher and students and as both learners and teachers are women they are able to interact with others very closely. When comparing to educated mens’ percentage, educated womens’ percentage is more.  This paper analyses about women education and how was woman education in present and the past. Moreover, this paper analyses about the future of women education.


Public education system in the United States varies from that of many other countries in that it is primary responsibility of the states and individual school districts. The countrywide formal education system to all in the US established in the 19th century. Jefferson was the first American leader to propose forming a public school system. His ideas created the basis of education systems developed in the 19th century. The education system reduced the discrimination based on Racial Equality, Gender Equality, Equality based on Salary and all. Fundamental change is ongoing in higher education needing more leaders and a different type of leadership at all levels. However, the survey indicates the women are under embodied at the senior-most levels. Our research attentive on 35 women at the senior-most levels of institutions of advanced education and explored their journey into senior leadership roles and their experience of being a leader in advanced education today. Semi-structured interviews were conducted, coded, and analyzed. Included is an arithmetical evaluation of the understandings of most of the white women and women of colour. This research shows a deeper understanding of the exposure of women in leadership positions in advanced education. The women leaders in this training provide more detailed descriptions of the constructive aspects of being in a leadership role than have been previously reported. The constructive aspects of being in a leadership position are important to document so as to provide stable perspective on the experiences of being a senior leader and a woman in advanced education.

Early Women’s Education System in America:

Since the 1800s women's opportunities and positions in the educational scope have increased. During earlier days, it was believed if women are less educated it is sufficient for them to take care of their family and other common duties. Therefore, there was no importance to women education. However, from the year 1727 onward, it started a new beginning in terms of women education. From 1727 many educational institutions like Ursuline Academy, Bethlehem Female Seminary, Washington College, Bradford Academy, Mississippi College, Harvard College library, University of Iowa, Alpha Kappa Alpha

Basic Role Of Normal Schools, Abbeys And Seminaries In Developing Women’s Social:

In the past, there were no separate schools or colleges for woman. They had to join in the co-education and study with men in the same college itself. But, abbeys, seminaries and other schools laid a milestone in the history of women education and started a new beginning in the history of women education. Gradually, co-education schools were started in which women also were admitted. Then, separate women only schools were started as well. Likewise, race based schools and colleges were started.

Importance of Women in Higher Education in the United States

Higher education was planned for men in colonial America. From 1800s onwards women's positions and chances in the educational domain have increased. In 1980, women exceeded men in number of bachelor's degrees grant every year in the United States, and more bachelor's degrees have been discussed on women each year. From 2005 onwards, the majority of degrees in each category (including master's, and doctoral) have been granted on women in the U.S. Normal schools did not play any vital role in developing women education. Margaret Fuller is the first woman permitted to utilize the library of Harvard College in the year 1844. Lucy Sessions got a literary degree from Oberlin College, becoming the first African American woman in the United States to obtain a college degree in the year 1850. Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi completed graduation in the New York College of Pharmacy during1863, which made her the first woman to complete graduation in pharmacy. In 1864, Rebecca Crumpler is the first

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