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Victimology and Crime : Criminal Justice and the Victims of Crime

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The essay depicts the justice meted out to the victims of crime in the judicial system and in what manner they are executed. The reason for occurrence of crimes, the population which are more prone to crimes and the history of victimology is as well depicted in the essay. The rise in population by leaps and bounds is an essential factor for crimes to increase along with unemployment; poverty and addiction to bad habits. The side effects of the combination of all these factors are shown to result in crimes being committed. The government has been putting on its utmost efforts to mitigate crimes and provide justice to the victims. Does the victim face any harm due to the crime being committed against him? Is the question which has been answered in the essay with the help of the references ‘Introduction to Victimology. and ‘Top 10 reasons for crime.’



The scientific study of the mental, physical, emotional and financial torture that the victim of a crime undergoes is defined as victimology (Kent State University. 2018). The introduction of victimology by several criminologists like Henri Ellenberger and others took place between the years 1940-1950. It is the responsibility of the victimologists to make sure that the victim is offered support both mentally and financially by the one who has been the reason for the victim to suffer. The vital point that victimology stresses is, how the victim’s needs and rights have been overlooked due to the negligence and unsympathetic attitude of the criminal justice system (Karmen, A. 2018). The role of victims in crime is of two types, one is when the victim is solely responsible for the crime committed on him and the second is when the victim without any intention, leaves behind some temptation for the crime to be committed on him or her (SAGE Publications. 2018). Crimes are committed due to many reasons like poverty, addiction to bad habits, inferiority complex, unemployment and many other reasons. The ones who commit crimes the most are the younger generation, mainly teenage boys and girls, adult males and those living in big cities. The place where a crime occurs can be anywhere, it could be either near the victim’s house, their workplace or the place they frequent for enjoyment (BBC Bitesize. n.d.).

Victimology History:

Victimology can be split into three ages, the golden and the Dark Age and the reemergence of the victim. In the Golden age, tribal law was in existence. Here, the victim was the one who decided on the punishment to be meted out to the criminal. The compensation was claimed directly from the one who had committed the crime. Judiciary and jails did not exist in this age (Ferguson,C., et.al. n.d.).The growing population made it difficult to impart justice as crimes were committed on many persons. The entire family or the future generation of the person who has committed the crime would be held responsible, if the actual criminal was unavailable. This practice did more harm than good as the entire family was affected. In the dark ages, the person who had committed the crime had to suffer punishment and the criminal justice system was launched. The reemergence of the victim was the third age which depicts the fact that victims were overlooked while giving their due rights in criminal justice. (Ferguson,C., et.al. n.d.).

Difference Between Victimology And Criminology:

Criminology defines the study of the criminal, his offences and the mental reasons for him in committing the crime. It is as well the study of how the society and the judicial system treat the criminal and the punishment meted out to him or her. Victimology has its focus on the rights of the victim and tries to bring them back to normalcy. It as well tried to mitigate crime rates, sufferings of the victim and ensure that they are treated well in society Victimology focused on the role the victim had in the crime and the relationship he had with the criminal (Paper Due.2011).

Reasons For The Occurrence Of Crimes:

There are multifold factors which lead to the occurence of crimes and prominent among them are poverty, addiction to bad habits, religious conflicts, political pressure, unemployment and many others. Lack

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