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The South China Sea: The Disputes Arising Out of The South China Sea

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This paper on the South China Sea exploration tells us about the sea in China which spreads to an area of 1,350,000 sq.m. It possesses vast reserves of oil and natural gas. Marine life has as well been discovered in huge quantities which are good for sale in the commercial market. This would generate revenue and add a boost to the economy. China has had long standing disputes over the sea with other countries who are claiming their share. Vietnam is one of them who has waged wars with China on this matter. However, it has been unsuccessful and has not been on good terms with China as there was a lot of bloodshed in the war. China has always been uncompromising to the demands of the other countries. Explorations have been carried out in the sea which have provided scientific discoveries. The sea has been an important route for trade as innumerable ships pass through its port. Was there any dispute going on for the South China Sea? is answered by the references "South China Sea Dispute” and "The real story behind the South China Sea dispute”.


The South China Sea stretches from the Malacca Strait to the Strait of Taiwan. People from countries like Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia Thailand etc. reside 100 miles from its coastline. The sea possesses vast reserves of oil and natural gas and is a vital center for carrying out trade as it has the world’s busiest shipping ports (Rosenberg, 2016.n.pag). The disputes arising out of the South China Sea are that Vietnam is claiming its Paracel and Spratly islands. Philippines as well desires the Spratly islands along with Brunei and Malaysia. Till the present day, this dispute has not been resolved (SCMP Reporter, 2019.n.pag). The purpose of writing this paper is to provide information of the South China Sea and explore its resources so that the reader gets to know more about the sea which has been under the control of China for a long time. China is unwilling to share it with any country as it has got rich resources and is a vital route for trade to be carried on.

The Extent and Resources Of The Sea:

The South China Sea is situated to the South of China, to the East of Vietnam, West of the Philippines, east of Sumatra and North of Borneo (Limits of Oceans and Seas,2015.n.pag).It covers an area of 1,350,000 sq.m and is joined by the Taiwan Strait to the East China Sea and by the Luzon Strait to the Philippine Sea. The countries which surround the sea are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia (Klaus kästle, 2019.n.pag). The South China sea has vast reserves of oil and gas which is estimated to be 7.7 billion barrels which means that it would be equal to 80 percent of the oil in Saudi Arabia. Gas is said to be available to the amount of 266 trillion cubic feet. Apart from this, metals which are unique have been discovered in Japan’s East coast which help in the manufacturing of cars, smartphones and flat T.V.’s. There is a presence of marine life as well in the sea which comes to about ten percent of the world’s catch (Vagg, 2012.n.pag).

The Dispute Regarding the Sea:

China has claimed ownership of The Paracel and the Spratly islands while other countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Philippines are fighting for the same. The U.S. states that the sea routes which pass through these countries have to be kept open to it so that they can carry on trade and military exercises. This option is not acceptable to China as they felt that America was not involved in their dispute with the other countries (Yujuico,2016.n.pag).China claims that ‘Nine Dash Lines’ is the area in the sea which belongs to it as per the UNCLOS(United Nation Convention on the Law of the Seas).Beijing is not inclined to solve the dispute on an international level, as it is of the opinion that this would make the U.S. interfere in its private affairs. China has the support of 40-60 nations which as well includes the African countries and the Pacific Islands (Times of India, 2016.n.pag).

The Island of

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