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The African American Upper Classes In America : A Critical Analysis of Class Mobilization

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In the past there were more discriminations on African-Americans in the United States. Many reformist leaders and social activists put their efforts to change this. Now, they have got equal rights in almost everything.


As the number of upper-class African Americans is keep on increasing, definitely all kinds of discriminations will get reduced or stopped. In fact, now there is no discrimination like it was in the past. Many blacks and whites are getting married, living together and all. The African- Americans started earning more than whites or many Africans are earning equal to white Americans. There has been constant rise in the upper-class blacks in the United States in terms the earning capability. Most of the lower middle-class people became upper middle-class people. In the same way, most of the upper middle-class people became upper class. Even in terms of education, many African-Americans has completed higher education and jobs and all.

2.5 Million African-American Men became Upper Class:

Racial segregation in the US is one the rise. From Charlottesville to Ferguson, from Walter Scott to Trayvon Martin, there has been one incident after another because of racial issues in the United States. To such an extent that Americans who believe racism is a huge problem have doubled in numbers over the past 10 years (Institute of Family Studies, 2018). To make the situation worse, reports have pointed to the fact that the Black community’s chances of climbing the economic ladder are much less than the white communities. What the studies have found, however, contradicts this last statement as a whole. A report by name, ‘Black Men Making It in America’ has expressed some eye-opening statistics. Though the Black population faces more segregation from workplace discrimination to residential discrimination – more than half of the men in the black community have made it to an upper or upper middle-class status. This accepts that millions of African-Americans have made it and are booming financially in the United States. The recent census data says that one out of five African-American men in the age group of 18 to 64 have been able to make it to the third tier of the upper-most income distribution (Institute of Family Studies, 2018).

Reasons for the Upward Mobilization of African-American Men

This is so because, in the past five decades, Black men have attained levels of progress that helped them reach the highest ranks of the American income ladder. The share of Black men in the upper income class rose to 13% in 1960 and 23% during 2016. On the other side, poverty as well has vividly been affected due to these figures. The share of black men in the poverty scale has now dropped from 41% during 1960 all the way till 18%. in 2016. Three major factors had been identified to be linked to all the victories of black society. These include work, education and marriage. Black society, who are married, have a full-time job and have a college degree have been found to be much more successful than their peers. The research further made a point to recognize these routes so as to make it simpler for the next generation of Black Americans. With these encouraging stories of Black society making it to the higher echelons of the economic ladder, next generations will be able to successfully achieve the American Dream as well (Institute of Family Studies, 2018).

Education and Higher Education:

In the past many African-Americans’ did not even study their school studies completely. However, that trend has changed now. Because, most of the African-Americans are studying even higher education and completing it at an early stage. In the past, even in educating people there were discriminations based on the place of origin from where anyone migrated to the United States. African-Americans have always understood the value of an education and its power for transforming communities and lives. During the earliest years of United States. history, African Americans were barred from learning to read or write. These endeavours were made to assure submission while enslaved. Revolutions by the incarcerated community, like that led by Nat Turner in Virginia, frightened plantation owners, who reacted by limiting information and schooling. Even though there are

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