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Family and Juvenile Crimes : Family environment a Factor for Committing Juvenile Crimes

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The essay on Juvenile delinquency and the family unit depicts the travails the children as well as the parents have to face when the former commit crimes without realizing the consequences. The role of the family, especially of the parents has been discussed and they have a major part to play in deciding the future of the child. Does the family atmosphere ensure that the child does not resort to juvenile delinquency? is the question which is answered in the paper. Apart from family, the schools as well play a role in this aspect as it is here that the child spends most of his or her time. Hence, the schools have to ensure that their rules are not very stringent and demanding. Neighborhood atmosphere and the company of friends as well have a hand in juvenile delinquency. The references that I have used are ‘The role of family in dealing with juvenile delinquency’ and ‘the role of family in dealing with juvenile delinquency’.


A juvenile is defined as teenager who has not attained the age of eighteen and is responsible for committing a crime. The crime which he or she commits is referred to as delinquency (THE UNITED STATES DEPT of JUSTICE ARCHIVES. 2020). Juvenile delinquency takes place when the family environment is not conducive to a child’s upbringing. There are many risk factors like for example, a very strict and disciplinary atmosphere at home, differences between the child and parents either due to a generation gap or the absence of close bonding or neglect by the parents and so on. These children may have been the victims of sexual or physical abuse as well in childhood. Rivalry and jealousy between siblings proves to be another factor. The neighborhood and school atmosphere as well pose a risk as there may be a gang indulging in criminal activities, who could be a bad influence on these children. Poverty, unemployment and lack of basic facilities are some of the other factors (Public Safety Canada. 2011). The purpose of writing this essay is to depict as to whether the family environment is a factor for children to become juvenile delinquents. Children are innocent and it is the duty of the parents to mold them into good citizens.

Factors Responsible for Juvenile Delinquency:

Age, gender, family atmosphere, prenatal and perinatal issues, school and neighborhood atmosphere are some of the factors which contribute to a child becoming a juvenile delinquent. Crimes are committed mostly in the preadolescence age mainly by boys when compared to girls. The problems faced either before and after pregnancy may lead to affecting the child in behavioral problems. Studies conducted show that slow learning and mental disabilities as well are factors for juvenile crimes. This holds true when one or both the parents are not in sound mental health. These children tend to be hyperactive, impulsive and show violent behavior. Addiction to habits like alcohol and drugs induce juvenile crimes. Family environment goes a long way in preventing juvenile delinquency. There should be frequent and healthy interactions between the parents and the children and relationship with siblings should not be strained. Families run by a single parent as well instigates juvenile crimes. Neighborhood and school atmosphere should be conducive to help children in overall development and this is not prevalent in most cases (The National Academies Press. 2001).

Family and Juvenile Delinquency:

Family plays a vital role in the development of a child’s mind. A home which does not possess stable conditions can trigger negativity in children and a feeling of insecurity and inferiority while performing various tasks. The family should provide a feeling of security and trust to the child along with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The latter should be given space to express their views and talent. Right values and discipline have to be imbibed in them from an early age and the child should be made to understand the difference between good and bad values and their consequences. For this, the parents have to be role models as children emulate their behavior. They have to be taught the skills of emotion, that is how to face hardships in life and how they have to treat others with

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