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Cleopatra of History And Shakespeare : A Comparative Literary Analysis

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Abstract Cleopatra is a women ruler who lived in Egypt during the Hellenistic period. Women doctors of ancient period bearing the name Cleopatra. Cleopatra has been recognized by a organized search all the way through the ancient Latin, Greek, and Egyptian bibliography, including real proofs from the first century BC. Non-fictional and fictional scholars have been differentiated and their works acknowledged. Cleopatra of Egypt, the outcast Metrodora, Galen's physician assistant, Cleopatra the Gynaecologist, the Alchemist and express a tale of medicine and naming conventions that mystifies analysts of the past and confuses the present day analysts.


Cleopatra means “well-known in her father” and the full name is “Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator”, this means “Cleopatra the Father-Loving Goddess”. Cleopatra VII governed olden day Egypt as co-regent with her father, her siblings and her son for about three decades. She was part of the rulers of Macedonian dynasty that was founded by Ptolemy. Ptolemy served as general in Alexander the Great’s army during his invasion into Egypt in 332 B.C. Cleopatra is well-educated and clever, who was able to speak various languages and governed as the brave queen in all of her co-regencies. Her passionate relationship and military tie-ups with the Roman leaders Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Apart from these, her unusual beauty and tricks of seduction, got her a long-term place in history.

Cleopatra All The Way Through The Ages

The enormous majority of Egypt’s many queens, even though well-known all through their own soil, were almost unknown in the outside world. As the dynastic era came to an end and the hieroglyphic scriptures were lost, the stories of the queens were forgotten and their memorials and all were concealed under Egyptian soil. However, Cleopatra lived in a very literate period. Moreover, Cleopatra’s actions persuaded the construction of the Roman Kingdom. Hence, her story would exist for ever. Octavian also known as emperor Augustus in the future, was decided that Roman’s complete history have to be recorded in a such a way that assured his right to rule. To accomplish this, he released his own autobiography and edited Rome’s complete official records. As Cleopatra played a predominant role in his efforts to come to power, Cleopatra’s story was conserved as a part of his. Nevertheless, it was reduced to just two chapters and it was about her connections with Julius Caesar and Antony. She turned as an enemy for Octavian, who liked to be kept in mind for fighting against foreigners. This official Roman edition of a greedy, immoral Cleopatra went into Western culture, in which it was reinterpreted and retold as the years passed. In the meantime, scholars from Muslim religion, writing after the Arabian occupation of Egypt about 640 CE, urbanized their own edition of the queen. Cleopatra was the first and primary very good scholar and a notable scientist, a chemist and a philosopher.

Antony And Cleopatra 

Cleopatra and Antony, disaster in 5 acts by Shakespeare, written during 1606–07 and it was released in the First leaf of 1623. It is considered as Shakespeare’s most moving and richest works. The most important resource of the play was Sir Thomas North’s Parallel Lives (1579), an English edition of Bioi parallo. The story is related to Mark Antony, Roman triumvir and military leader, who is in fond of Cleopatra, former mistress of Julius Caesar and Pompey and queen of Egypt. called on Rome as his wife Fulvia died. Antony cured the remaining political split by marrying Octavius’s own sister. After hearing about the event, it angered Cleopatra. Renewed conflict with Octavius and desire for Cleopatra, nevertheless, send Antony to his lover’s arms back. When the enmity blows up into combat, Cleopatra went with Antony to Actium Battle, where her participation confirms militarily devastating. She went back to Egypt, Antony follows, tailed by Octavius. expecting the final ending, Antony’s loyal officer Enobarbus cheats him and joins Octavius. At Alexandria, Octavius defeats Antony. Cleopatra, fearing for her life because of Antony’s constant erratic behaviour, sends a fake report of her suicide, which makes Antony to wound himself mortally. He was carried by his soldiers to the hiding place of the queen and he is killed by her arms. William Shakespeare's Antony and

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