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Bullying and Education The Impacts of Bullying in Education

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Abstract The paper on the effects of bullying in education depicts as to how it is considered to be a crime. The consequences that are associated with it, how it brings about havoc in the life of the victim are expressed in this essay. Bullying occurs in societies where the atmosphere is not conducive to some people’s minds and they have a feeling of a sense of insecurity and inferiority. This is because at times the bullies might have been the victims themselves. In order to give vent to their anger and frustration, they resort to bullying others. Stringent law should be enforced to punish the bullies so that they think twice before committing such an act. The society, parents, teachers, friends and relatives have to support the victims in a sympathetic manner. Children should be treated as friends by parents to whom the former can confide everything without any fear or hesitation. The references ‘Bullying awareness & prevention guide’ and ‘ Bullying effect on student’s performance EconomiA ‘ provide an answer to the question as to how bullying affects education?.



The term bullying is used when a person or a group of persons tend to bring harm to another individual in different ways. Bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological and can take place either as a cyber-crime or in person. This is mainly done to assert the show of power and can occur once or be a repeated process (Department of Education and Training Victoria, 2019). One of the common forms of bullying occurs online through social media and is widely prevalent among teenagers and this is so as everyone has easy access to internet. This can be initiated through e-mails, sending messages via the mobile, uploading captured videos etc. These have a negative impact on the mind of the individual who is a victim of this bullying (National Science Foundation, 2011). Bullying can have a serious impact on a student’s performance in academics as the victim tends to become depressed, sad and lonely. They are stressed and face psychological issues (Oliveira, 2018). The overall aspect that we see here is that bullying in any form affects the individuality and the mental health of a person. It is a crime and measures are being taken by various organizations to mitigate it.

Methods Of Bullying:

Physical bullying is when a person hits, pushes or kicks another person. Verbal bullying occurs when there is abuse carried out through words, remarks, insults and teasing. Social bullying takes place when the social status of an individual is harmed in an invisible manner. This can be in the form of spreading rumours, playing unwanted pranks, mimicking the individual etc. The last form is cyber bullying which takes place on social devices with the help of technology like mobiles and the internet. This form is quite dangerous as the identity of the doer is not easily revealed (National Centre Against Bullying, 2020).

Reasons For Cyber Bullying:

Bullying manifests in various forms, however cyber bullying has become the recent trend. There are various causes which motivate individuals especially teenagers to commit this crime as they feel to have a sense of superiority. They as well do not harbour any feelings of sympathy for the victims. Bullying stems from a feeling of insecurity and the person who commits it does it for having some fun at the expense of the victim. This is made easier due to the presence of many social media platforms and technology. Another valid cause is that the doer may have been a victim of bullying in the past and to vent out his or her frustration, they resort to this cheap act (Mitchell, n.d.).

Bullying And Academics:

Children and teenagers who are victims of bullying face problems in their academic life like faring badly in grades, having an aversion to go to school. They feel insecure, inferior and under confident. This occurs more so in boys than girls according to studies conducted. The victim loses an interest in academics as he or she is distracted by the constant thought and fear of being bullied. Cyber bullying makes the victim feel ashamed and embarrassed as unwanted facts are revealed about

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