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Affirmative Action: Myths and Realities

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Affirmative Action sometime lead to negative consequences as it ignores the importance of majorities while showing more privileges to the minorities in the name of race, colour, people count, etc.


The Affirmative Action focus on making equal opportunity to all and not preference to all. It does give importance to unity and it is against disintegrity. Even though many countries have their own philosophies regarding the affirmative action, the US is following its own old-style approach towards the successful acceptance of affirmative action in education, employment, housing, credit and consumer market. Discrimination in any name or form between races or religion would ruin the society. Avoiding discrimination is good to any society. Secularism has to be accepted and implemented without any objection in every society. Because, society like American society has many issues in the country like earthquake, forest fire, gun culture, some diseases and all. As people belong to more races and religions are living in the US they have to live as an example to the world and they have to stick to secularism for ever. Affirmative action rule controls the allocation of uncommon positions in employment, business contracting or education in order to rise the depiction in those positions of individuals belonging to some population subgroups. Such rules are very controversial. For more than 30 years, supporters and critics of affirmative action have fought for the moral tall ground-through poll initiatives and proceedings, in state administrations and in diverse courts of people’s opinion. The reason of this paper is to give the clarifying power of financial reasoning, when it is used with a healthy dosage of common sense, to scatter some myths and fallacies in the racial affirmative action disputes

Main Criteria that affects Myths and Realities is ‘COLOR’:

The main criteria that affects the myths and realities is “Colour”. Students of colour acknowledged by affirmative action aren't admitted on excellence. White students were admitted to college solely on distinction. Affirmative action harms students of colour by pushing them in atmospheres for which they aren't prepared. Possibly affirmative action was predominant once Affirmative action policies in colleges distract attention from disparities earlier in the pipeline Eradicating affirmative action would be good to Asian students. White students are only hurt by affirmative action policies. Anything that clouts of "allocations" is rigid and suspicious. If we had class-based affirmative action, we wouldn't need race-based affirmative action. We have to pick between class-based and race-based affirmative action.

Importance of Affirmative action:

If rights are refused anywhere in the world, it would lead to struggle and end with revolution. In a country where many races are living, there should be strict laws to protect the rights of all the races as well as any new races visiting that country from other countries. In the US, admittance to the American Dream is often mounted as a race in which the rapidest runners win. Criticizers of affirmative action tell that such rules give some contenders a biased head start in an otherwise reasonable race. Similarly, more supporters of affirmative action say we have to have these policies to support ‘disabled’ runners. In their attention on the runners relatively than the track, both of these views miss the idea. Affirmative action is not about evolving ‘disabled’ contenders, however, about repairing spoiled lanes and take away the barriers that block the paths to prospect that only some contenders face. Rules that endorse inclusion like affirmative action, are considered to balance the conditions of an otherwise biased race and give everyone a reasonable chance to compete.

Affirmative Action could Include Timetables and Goals while Sidestepping Quotas:

The trust that it is very possible to lure an expressive difference between goals and provisions is found on both sides of the affirmative action debate. Followers of affirmative action naturally endorse targets, however to move away from allocations. Here is President Bill Clinton, supporting affirmative action in his speech “Mend It Don’t End It”. “Since President Nixon was here as American President, America has used timetables and goals to secure chance and to prevent separation, to ask businesses to set advanced expectations, and to understand those expectations. But we will not and did not use rigid allocations to
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