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A Study of Nonverbal Communication: Expressions, Meanings and Social Cues

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This article deals with acting and expression on psychological, medical and other grounds. Every film or drama actor have to be good in psychology as well. Only then they can be able to read other’s characteristics and express it or imitate it perfectly. Medically, global feelings such as anger, contempt, happy, sad, fear, surprise and disgust are same all over the world irrespective of the culture and country. This paper talks about how and all a person can express his emotions in various situations.  This paper not only talks about emotions of film and drama artist, this paper illustrates about the real-life emotions professionals and common man are expressing based on their situation. Non-verbal communications with employees and workers, eye contacts based emotions, gestures, touch and voice based emotions as well part of this paper.


‘Face is the mirror of the mind’. This applies to everyone. However, these are very serious thing for film and drama artists. The artists have to act in such a way that the viewers have to take it as an example. In a particular situation if a particular emotion is reflected in the face, then the viewers have to learn about the expression and talking method in that particular scenario. A facial expression is motions of the muscles under the skin of the face. Facial expressions are a form of nonverbal communication. They are a primary means of conveying information between humans; however, they occur in most other mammals and some other animal species as well. Having the talent to form a complex expressive life and expose it on your face, in a real Having the skill to create a complex emotive life and disclose it on your face, in a real and appropriate way is the ultimate goal of an on-camera actor. Some artists seem to do this without much effort while others still struggle. If your sensitive note fails to come across in the way you anticipate, there’s a good chance the answer can be found either in the way you’re attempting to induce the emotion or in some kind of misrepresentation taking place. For this article, the focus is on the latter and appropriate way is the ultimate goal of an on-camera actor. Some actors seem to do this with less effort only while others struggle. If your emotional message fails to come across in the way you like, there’s a good chance the answer can be found either in the way you’re putting efforts to arouse the emotion or in some kind of falsehood taking place. (Backstage,2016).

Face Expression and Acting:

Acting and expression would be synchronizing most of the situations. However, sometime, it won’t synchronize with expression and body language. Because, the requirement would be different from story to story and/or film to film and/or drama to drama. In some science fiction or in science-oriented films, a human-robot with robotic technologies or Artificial Intelligence technologies, won’t show the correct feelings or emotions as well as the body language when expressing anything important. Even if an actor is performing the role of a robot, he may have to behave like a machine and not completely like a human.

Learning Stage:

Learning through an established acting system, or systems, to underpin the work with the subjective, experiential, imaginative approach. However, don't let this dampen your interest in the facial expressions and more generally Nonverbal Behaviours as once you have a firm grounding in acting techniques, there is much to learn from the field. As with the comprehensive knowledge of any skill, the sources for material for further development and learning can come from anywhere. From my experience a curiosity in NVB has taught me a lot about human behaviour, and given me other ways of approaching every character, however, integrated with years of experience and grounded acting techniques. It is believed that it would have set back and provided a major hindrance to have worked the other way around.

Global Feelings:

There are seven Global Feelings. They are; anger, contempt, happy, sad, fear, surprise, disgust. All actors are not born with all the extra-ordinary feelings or all the required feelings. Some actors are getting some strange/unique feeling when they face some situation In most

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