Solution for Plastics: Materials and Processing 3rd Edition Chapter 7, Problem 1

by A. Brent Strong
430 Solutions 23 Chapters 72039 Studied ISBN: 9780131145580 Mechanical Engineering 5 (1)

Chapter 7, Problem 1 : 1. Explain the cause of the differences in...

1. Explain the cause of the differences in structure of LDPE, HDPE, and LLDPE.

Step-By-Step Solution

1. The structures are dependent on the amount of branching in the molecules. When the branches are long and frequent, the molecules cannot pack tightly together thus preventing crystallization. This is LDPE. When the branches are short and infrequent, the molecules can pack together and crystals can form. This is HDPE. When the structure is similar to HDPE but with slightly longer and more frequent branches, the polymers cannot pack together and the density is low like LDPE, but other properties are like HDPE, this arrangement gives LLDPE.

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