Solution for Fashion from Victoria to the New Millennium 1st Edition Chapter 3, Problem 1

by Daniel Delis Hill
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Chapter 3, Problem 1 : 1. Compare the evolution of Egyptian costume to...

1. Compare the evolution of Egyptian costume to that of Mesopotamian cultures.

What textile fibers were prevalent in the apparel of each and why?


Step-By-Step Solution

1. Compare the evolution of Egyptian costume to that of Mesopotamian cultures.

Egyptian clothing styles were mostly variations on a theme rather than innovative designs. Styles remained fairly constant century after century, reflecting the conservative rigidity of Egyptian society. Versions of the wrap skirt schenti and the tunic-style kalasiris were worn throughout ancient Egypt’s history. By comparison, Mesopotamian costume evolved perceptibly with the dominion of each new conquering culture. Distinct change can be marked from the simple kaunakes wrap garments of Sumer through the introduction of the Babylonian cut-and-sewn tunic layered with cloaks and shawls to ultimately the fitted, tailored trousers and jackets of Persia.

What textile fibers were prevalent in the apparel of each and why?

Climate was especially a determining factor in the selection of linen by the Egyptians and wool by the Mesopotamians. So too was culture. To Egyptians, wool was impure. To Mesopotamians, wool represented a heritage stretching back thousands of years to the origins of their Neolithic settlements.

What decorative elements were significant in the costumes of each?

Egyptians loved pleats and decorative motifs from nature such as representations of animals, insects and plant life. Mesopotamians trimmed most every garment with fringe and preferred geometric repeat patterns for textile prints and woven patterns.


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