Solution for Fashion from Victoria to the New Millennium 1st Edition Chapter 18, Problem 1

by Daniel Delis Hill
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Chapter 18, Problem 1 : 1. Identify five important technological developments of the...

1. Identify five important technological developments of the industrial revolution that improved textile manufacturing.


Step-By-Step Solution

1. Identify five important technological developments of the industrial revolution that improved textile manufacturing.

In 1733, John Kay invented the fly shuttle, which literally flies through the warp threads to rapidly produce the filler in the weaving process. Between 1754 and 1767 James Hargreaves developed a Spinning Jenny that could spin multiple yarns simultaneously. Samuel Crompton invented the mule spinning frame in the 1780s that could rapidly twist a fine length of yarn onto a cone or cylinder. In 1785 Edmund Cartwright patented the steam power loom making possible the location of factories away from fast-flowing water sources. The Scotsman Thomas Bell

perfected printing on textiles in 1783 with his development of an engraved roller print machine that could register

up to six colors.


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