Solution for Essentials of Organizational Behavior 11th Edition Chapter 14, Problem 1

by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge
116 Solutions 16 Chapters 10409 Studied ISBN: 9780132574877 Ergonomics 5 (1)

Chapter 14, Problem SA 1 : 1. Identify the six key elements that define...

1. Identify the six key elements that define an organization’s structure.


Step-By-Step Solution

1. Answer: (1) Work Specialization or division of labor, is the degree to which activities in the organization are subdivided into separate jobs. (2) Departmentalization. The basis by which jobs are grouped together so that common tasks can be coordinated. Jobs can be grouped by: function, product, geography, process, consumer or any reasonable combination of these bases. (3) Chain of Command. This describes the unbroken line of authority that extends from the top of the organization to its lowest echelon and clarifies who reports to whom. (4) Span of Control. This is the number of employees a manager is expected to effectively and efficiently direct. (5) Centralization and Decentralization. This refers to the degree to which decision-making is concentrated at a single point in the organization. The concept only includes formal authority: the rights inherent in one's position. (6) Formalization. This is the degree to which jobs in the organization are standardized.


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