Chapter 16 (End-Of-Chapter_Application-Questions 2)

Solution for BUSN 7 7th Edition Chapter 16, Problem 2

by Marcella Kelly, Chuck Williams
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Chapter 16, Problem End-Of-Chapter_Application-Questions 2 : 2. Having an account hacked is just about...

2. Having an account hacked is just about the worst nightmare for a company. It can lead to nightmarish delays, huge losses, and the spread of false information, as for example, when a group hacked the Associated Press’ Twitter site to make a false announcement that the White House had been bombed. What are steps that you can take to protect your company’s accounts from malicious attacks?

Step-By-Step Solution

2. There are several ways to make sure that company (and personal) online accounts remain secure. The first is to avoid using the same password for all accounts. Users should regularly change their passwords and make sure that each site that they sign on to has a unique password. It is also critical that passwords be complex, containing a mix of letters and numbers. Simple passwords like “password” or “abcde” are virtual invitations for accounts to be hacked. Two factor authentication is also a good preventive measure. This requires users to first enter a password, and then enter a verification code that is sent from the site to a smartphone. The added step of receiving and entering the code will make it harder for hackers to break into accounts.

In addition to passwords, there are threats from spyware, malware, viruses, and worms. Good anti-virus software, which will monitor the computer and clean up things that don’t belong, is an essential protective barrier. As is common sense. Every employee should be trained (and even nagged) not to open emails or download files from sources that they don’t know or trust. The simple act of opening an attachment is enough to bring down entire company network.

Firewalls are another important defensive tool against hackers. A firewall uses hardware or software (or sometimes both) to create a barrier that prevents unwanted messages or instructions from entering a computer system.


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