Solution for Aging in Contemporary Canada 2nd Edition Chapter 14, Problem 1

by Neena L. Chappell, Lynn McDonald, Michael Stones
82 Solutions 16 Chapters 19597 Studied ISBN: 9780132018739 Sociology 5 (1)

Chapter 14, Problem 1 :   1. Do you agree with...


1. Do you agree with the National Advisory Council on Aging that the economic security of older Canadians is good but could use some improvement? If improvements are to be made to the public pension system, what changes would benefit you when you retire?

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The grade assigned by the National Advisory Council on Aging of B is reasonable given the history and present state of pensions in Canada today. From a historical perspective, the pension system in Canada has dramatically improved the financial status of older people in Canada. As recently as 1980, close to 61 percent of unattached older men, and 72 percent of unattached older women lived below Canada's low income cut off. Today, depending on the measure used, 17.7 percent of unattached people aged 65 and over live below the low income cut-off after taxes are deducted. While poverty rates have been reduced among older people, it is still important to note that too many unattached older people, particularly women, are still poor, thus the B rating. Possible improvements to the pension system that may benefit future retirement include sustaining the Old Age Security (OAS) and the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), improvements for women to the CPP, strengthening the current three tired system to minimize inequality among socioeconomic groups.

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