Solution for Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 10th Edition Chapter 5, Problem 1

by George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch
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Chapter 5, Problem Additional_Discussion_Questions 1 : 12.Discuss the various elements of the communications process. ...

12.Discuss the various elements of the communications process.  Find an example of an advertising campaign being used by a company and analyze this campaign in terms of these elements of the communications process. (L01)


Step-By-Step Solution

12.The various elements of the communications process include the sender or source, the message, the channel, the receiver, noise and feedback. The sender or source of a communication is the person or organization that has information to share with another person or group.  The source may be an individual such as a salesperson or spokesperson who appears in a company’s advertisements or a nonpersonal entity such as a company or organization itself.  The message is the information or meaning the source hopes to convey and may be verbal or nonverbal, oral, written or symbolic.   The channel is the method by which the communication travels from the source or sender to the receiver.  At the broadest level there are two types of channels, personal and nonpersonal.  Personal channels generally involve direct interpersonal contact with the receiver while nonpersonal channels carry a message without interpersonal contact between the sender and receiver.  Nonpersonal channels are generally referred to as the mass media.  The receiver is the person(s) with whom the sender shares thoughts or information.  Generally receivers are the customers in the target market or audience who read, hear, and/or see the marketer’s message. Noise refers to extraneous factors in the communications process that can distort or interfere with the communication of a message. Errors or problems in that occur in the encoding of the message, distortions in the transmission of the message, and distractions at the point of reception are possible sources of noise. Feedback refers to the part of the receiver’s response that is communicated back to the sender and may take a variety of forms such as response hierarchy measures including awareness, knowledge, attitudes, purchase intentions, preferences and behavior.  The form of feedback of ultimate interest to marketers is, of course, sales.

Students should be encouraged to find an example of a current advertising campaign and to analyze it with respect to various elements of the communications process.  They might evaluate the source being used as a spokesperson in the campaign, the type of message being used, the various channels or media where the ads appear, the target audience for the campaign, and the type of feedback that might be used to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.


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