Solution for Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 10th Edition Chapter 21, Problem 1

by George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch
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Chapter 21, Problem Additional_Discussion_Questions 1 : 12.The Campaign for Real Beauty is an integrated...

12.The Campaign for Real Beauty is an integrated marketing communication program that Unilever has been using for its Dove brand since 2004. Do you view this campaign as movement in a positive direction with regard to the portrayal of women in advertising or as a creative way for Dove to sell more beauty products? Defend your position.  (LO3)


Step-By-Step Solution

12.Unilever has developed an extensive integrated marketing communications programs to support the Campaign for Real Beauty for its Dove beauty products. The campaign uses a variety of IMC tools including media advertising that targets women with the natural beauty appeal message; the Campaign for Real Beauty web site; sales promotion tools such as contests and sweepstakes, events and sponsorship programs with various groups such as the Girl Scouts of the USA; cause-related marketing through the Dove Self-Esteem Fund; direct marketing to women who register on the web site or attend events; and an extensive publicity/public relations campaign.  The Campaign for Real Beauty is much more than just an advertising campaign has Dove uses a variety of IMC tools.  The campaign has generated a great deal of publicity and media coverage with brings even greater attention to Dove and its products and contributes to the marketing program.

The Campaign for Real Beauty was launched after Unilever’s Dove brand team reviewed the results of a study indicating that most women feel that the media and advertisers set an unrealistic standard of beauty that they cannot achieve. The survey also found that only a small percentage of women are satisfied with their body weight and shape and only two percent considered themselves beautiful.  The goal of the campaign is to change the stereotypical portrayal of beauty based on physical attractiveness and to encourage women to feel good about themselves. Most ads for beauty and cosmetic products show glamorous super models and are based on the idea that women will aspire to be like these women and purchase the advertised product in hopes of improving their appearance.  However, Dove has taken more of an inspirational approach by encouraging women to focus on their natural beauty and appealing to their self-esteem.  The goal is to send a positive message to women, particularly teens and younger women, regarding acceptable standards of beauty.

Critics of the campaign argue that it is really just a clever way for Dove to market its beauty and cosmetic brands and is more about selling these products than making a social statement.  They argue that there is a contradiction in the message of the campaign as it suggests that women still need to use Dove products to be beautiful.  They also argue that Dove markets items such as cellulite cream and anti-aging products and the efficacy of these products has not been proven.  The campaign has also been criticized on the grounds while the models shown in the ads are not the typical slender super model, they are still more attractive than the average woman.  Overall, the Dove campaign has been viewed very favorably and most observers feel that it a very positive step in terms of the way women are portrayed in advertising. The campaign has encouraged other marketers such as Nike to change the way they portray women and celebrate the diversity of their physical appearance.  Even the critics of the campaign would probably agree that portraying women in a more natural and realistic way is better than encouraging them to try and look like the super models that appear in most ads.


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