Solution for Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 10th Edition Chapter 19, Problem 1

by George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch
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Chapter 19, Problem Additional_Discussion_Questions 1 : 11.Discuss the arguments for and against the use...

11.Discuss the arguments for and against the use of global marketing and advertising. What types of products and services are best suited for global advertising? What developments have taken place in recent years that support the use of global advertising and what factors might make this approach more difficult to use effectively? (L03)


Step-By-Step Solution

11.There are several advantages to global advertising including lower advertising production costs, the ability to exploit good creative ideas on a worldwide basis, the opportunity to have a consistent brand and/or company image all over the world, and the simplification of coordination and control of advertising programs. Problems with global advertising are that differences in culture, market and economic development, consumer needs and usage patterns, media availability and regulations make it extremely difficult to develop an effective universal approach to advertising. Advertising is very difficult to standardize because of cultural differences such as language, traditions, value, lifestyles, customs, and the like. Another problem with the use of global advertising is that consumer usage patterns and perceptions of a product may vary from one country to another and may require adjustments in marketing and advertising approaches. Marketers must also recognize that the use of a global advertising campaign can alienate consumers as well as local employees if they feel their individual differences or cultural diversities are being ignored.

Products and services that can take advantage of global advertising include the following:

brands that can be advertising using primarily a visual appeal and thus avoiding the problems of translating words into various languages

brands that are promoted using image advertising that lend themselves to themes with universal appeal such as sex, status, wealth, etc.

high-tech products being introduced to the world market for the first time that are not steeped in the cultural heritage of the country

products with strong nationalistic flavor that take advantage of a country’s reputation in the field

Advances in technology such as the Intent, telecommunications, cable and satellite television, travel and other areas are making the use of global marketing more feasible. Consumers around the globe are exposed to the same music, movies, TV shows, sporting events and web sites.  Advances in travel are making it possible for consumers to visit other countries and experience their culture. One thing that is making global marketing more difficult is the trend in many countries to return to more localized music, TV shows and other forms of entertainment.  Some countries are trying to preserve their local culture and national identity and may be less receptive to brands from foreign countries that are advertised globally. Global advertising is likely to be inappropriate when there are strong cultural differences among consumers that may influence their interpretation of, and responses to, advertising or when consumer usage patterns and perceptions of a product or service may vary from one country to another. However, these cultural differences are disappearing rapidly, particularly among certain markets such as young people.



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