Solution for Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 10th Edition Chapter 12, Problem 1

by George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch
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Chapter 12, Problem Addtional_Discussion_Questions 1 : 11.Discuss how advertisers deal with the clutter problem...

11.Discuss how advertisers deal with the clutter problem in both magazines and newspapers. Explain why advertisers of products such as cosmetics or women’s clothing would choose to advertise in a publication such as Vogue or Elle, which devote most of their pages to advertising rather than articles.

Step-By-Step Solution


Clutter is a serious problem in both magazines and newspapers as the ratio of advertising to editorial content is very high in both. The main way for advertisers to deal with the clutter problem is through creative advertising and space buys. Ads with strong visual images, catchy headlines and copy or very creative approaches such as “pop-ups,” gatefolds, or special inserts are ways of breaking through the clutter. Creative space buys such as “island ads” or consecutive page space buys may also help ads get noticed. Of course it is also important to remember the basic advertising principle of developing an ad that offers a benefit or promise to the readers and invites them to explore it further.

The clutter level that results from the high number of advertising pages magazines such as Vogue or Elle is clearly a problem for advertisers. However, they must weigh the clutter problem against the fact that women are very likely to be receptive to ads for cosmetics or clothes in these publications. In fact, one might argue that one of the reasons women buy fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle is to see the ads. For example, clothing ads give provide some insight into new styles and fashions and will be of great interest to many of the magazines readers. Advertisers will tolerate the high number of ads in these publications because they create a very favorable environment that includes high quality photography and artwork as well as articles that are of interest to women.


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