Solution for Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 10th Edition Chapter 10, Problem 1

by George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch
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Chapter 10, Problem Additional_Discussion_Questions 1 : 11.Some business to business advertisers (for example, copy...

11.Some business to business advertisers (for example, copy machine companies) advertise on NFL Sunday and/or Monday Night football games. As might be expected, such a buy would lead to a high level of waste coverage. Explain what is meant by waste coverage. Discuss whether this might or might not be a good media buy. (LO3)


Step-By-Step Solution

11. Waste coverage refers to overexposure, in which the media coverage exceeds the target audience.  If the media reaches people who are not sought as buyers and are not potential users, then it is potentially wasted, and of little or no value to the marketer.

At first glance, an ad for a copy machine that is used in business markets (as opposed to home use) may seem like a lot of money. How many of those people watching a pro football game are now, or ever will be, in the market for purchasing such an expensive machine? In fact, it may not be such a bad buy after all. While there certainly will be a large amount of waste coverage, many marketers are willing to live with that fact due to the fact that to reach the same amount of members of the target audience through more targeted media might be even more expensive. In other words buying ads in Office Management magazine and other business related periodicals may actually cost more than the television ad to reach the same amount of people. Thus the large waste coverage is acceptable.

In addition, one never knows when new buyers may enter the market, and the exposure would not hurt. Finally, word of mouth, or reaching influencers or users, (not necessarily buyers) may also be of value.


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