Solution for Accounting Information Systems 1st Edition Chapter 3, Problem 1

by Robert Hurt
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Chapter 3, Problem Reflection_and_Self-Assessment 1 : Reflection and Self-Assessment - 3.1 Choose...

Reflection and Self-Assessment - 3.1

Choose three of the remaining six characteristics in Dr. Bell’s list.  For each one, give a specific example of how an accounting professional might display it.


Step-By-Step Solution

Reflection and Self-Assessment - 3.1

Not like many other business fields such as Marketing, or Human Resources, accounting profession requires its people to be able to use technical knowledge appropriately.  To the other people, they probably use computer software in their work but not to the extent that they must understand the concepts behind while using the software.  For instance, accountants need to use special computer software heavily while doing their work such as doing the tax return, preparing financial reports, etc.  They need to know where a transaction would affect in order to enter the data correctly.  They rely on computer software but appropriately because they know that a trial balance that is balanced does not always guarantee accuracy.

All professions are supposed to get their work done in ethical professional behavior.  Yet, accounting is one of the professions requires ethics highly.  Accountants provide reliable information to the stockholders.  It is very critical for accountants to provide information correctly and also to follow the laws.

Many people think that accounting profession does not require learning additional knowledge but just working with numbers.  In fact, accountants need to seek additional knowledge continuously because of many reasons:  the law changes; public accountants sometimes need to learn more about the field that they audit in order to understand the whole picture; the tax law changes, etc…


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