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Imagine that you are developing and implementing a copy protection algorithm. To test your protection, you post a public challenge. For the challenge, anyone can download a document protected with your algorithm and try to crack the protection. You offer $10,000 to the first person or group who crack the.
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In July 2012, Lender Processing Services reported that homeowners were defaulting in record numbers; 12.4% of mortgages were delinquent or in foreclosure. Suppose a large bank holds 1731 adjustable-rate mortgages. a) Can you apply the Central Limit Theorem to describe the sample proportion of forclosure? Check the.
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In an electronic funds transfer system, there are hundreds of identical processes that work as follows. Each process reads an input line specifying an amount of money, the account to be credited, and the account to be debited. Then it locks both accounts and transfers the money, releasing the locks.
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