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Safari File Edit View History Bookmarks Window Help ALEKS: Liliana Hernandez MAT 1033D Spring 2017 Time Remaining 43:43 Practice Test 2 9 of 15 Two systems of equations are given below. For each system, choose the best description of its solution. If applicable, give the solution. O The system.
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sa tgersedu Mat x 163 conservative Vettor x C https// submit dep 147oso10ea7 o ort points I Previous Answers ET3 16 3021 A vector field F and contour lines of a potential function for Fare shown in the figure below. Calculate the common value of F. ds for the curves.
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Seastrand Oil Company produces two grades of gasoline: regular and high octane. Both gasolines are produced by blending two types of crude oil. Although both types of crude oil contain the two important ingredients required to produce both gasolines, the percentage of important ingredients in each type of crude oil.
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Consider the exponential function y=x^2x . This function is difficult to calculate a derivative for due to the variable x being in both the base and the exponent. In a case like this, it could be easier to use logarithmic differentiation to find the derivative. If you knew the derivative.
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Problem type: Differential Equations: Nonhomogeneous Equations and Undetermined Coeffiecients: Initial Value Problem. The pictures provided include a trial solution table of families for particular equations and a textbook solution for a specific differential equation problem(initial value problem). Question: Why wasn't #8 on the trial.
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