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Three mining companies have recently been indicted with violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) for events that happened in the country of Moldova. Their cases are as follows: A Co. a US-based corporation whose stock does not trade on public exchanges. Charged with bribing a foreign official.
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Topic 1: Business Ethics: Contracts with Foreign Businesses Currently, limited international laws exist in areas such as copyright/patent protection and confidentiality of information. Labor and environmental laws may vary significantly between the United States and many developing countries. In addition, although all countries have laws against bribery, there are some.
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Scenario: Sam's Beauty School is a privately-owned beauty school that trains cosmetologists to earn a cosmetology license to become hair stylists and colorists Sam's is open to the public for all hair services; students perform hair services for clients under the supervision of licensed cosmetologists who work at Sam's Jan.
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We know that a contract consists of offer, acceptance, and legal consideration. However, are each of those steps enforceable? If so, what happens if a party breaches a contract? In addition, can offers and acceptance be withdrawn? How? If those elements are not withdrawn, and the contract becomes enforceable, what.
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Two of the leading manufacturers of high-end mobile phones, Motorola, Inc. (Motorola) and Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM), had entered into an agreement in February 2008, whereby the two companies had agreed not to poach each other's employees. In September 2008, Motorola sued RIM and claimed for damages accusing the.
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A U.S. district court would be LEAST likely to preside over a case involving shoplifting. antitrust violations. civil rights cases. labor relations. truth-in-lending violations. Two basic types of law under the American judicial system are criminal law and business law. tax law corporate law. common law. civil law. The Patient.
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This learning activity focuses on constitutional authority to regulate business and constitutional law concepts. Case Scenario: City enacted a city zoning ordinance that barred outdoor advertising display signs - including billboards - on all public roads within the city limits. Billboards on-site on any public or private.
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An important part of pre-trial preparation is discovery. This case will get us thinking about what information should, or should not, be subject to discovery. Tech Software Consultants (TSC), contracted with Tech Pros to provide specialized software and software systems for Tech Pros’ clients based upon a.
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Present an argument supporting the position that the ADA hasbeen appropriately interpreted and applied by the courts (in termsof the types of disabilities covered), or that it has not (forexample, that it has been overly interpreted and applied to toomany types of physical and mental maladies). Provide two (2)supporting facts.
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Per the text, both the government and industry have specific andvalid interests in data, yet the government’s needs may well exceedthose of private commercial contractors. From a contractor’sperspective, analyze the government’s data rights with regards tounlimited rights, limited rights, and restricted rights. Suggesttwo (2) changes in those rights that you.
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Review the CBA provided in the resources section between the Trustees of Columbia University and Local 2110 International Union of Technical, Office, and Professional Workers. Describe how this is similar to a “contract” between management and labor. Do you believe it is written at the correct level of detail (e.g.,.
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Under the principle of insurance, the compensation that is provided is for the losses resulted from the risk existed previously. In some circumstances, for example natural disaster, not all losses could be claimed from the insurance company through the insurance policy subscribed. Discuss on why some losses could not be.
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