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To keep track of sales, ABC Incorporated, an on-line company, uses the table structure shown below. Assuming that the sample data are representative, draw a dependency diagram in Visio that shows all functional dependencies including both partial and transitive dependencies. Using the initial dependency diagram drawn in question 1, remove.
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TRUE-FALSE, Determine whether each statement below is either true or false. Write either TRUE or FALSE (all caps), as appropriate, before each one. _______A linear system with a reduced row echelon form having a row of zeroes has no solutions. ________No set of 6 dependent vectors in R^5 spans R^5..
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Three grain elevation E1,E2 and E3 contains respectively 12,28,24 units of grain. All the grain is to be shipped to two flour miles,M1 and M, requiring 29 and 35 units respectively. The shipping costs per unit are Please formulate a linear program whose solution determine the optional way to transport.
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