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The metro food services company delivers fresh sandwiches each morning to vending machines throughout the city. The company makes three kinds of sandwiches---ham and cheese, bologna, and chicken salad. A ham and cheese sandwich requires a worker 0.48 minutes to assemble, a bologna sandwich requires 0.43 minutes, and a chicken.
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The Matrix A={(1,-2,-2,-3),(2,-4,-2,-6),(3,-5,0,-4),(-1,4,2,3),(-6,-1,-8,3)} has reduced row Echelon Form R={(1,0,0,0),(2,0,0,0),(0,1,0,0),(0,0,1,0),(-2,-3,-5,0)} A)What is the RANK of A? B)What is the NULLITY of A? C)Find a basis for the NULLSPACE of A? D)Find a BASIS for the ROWSPACE of A, and FIND a basis for the COLUMNSPACE of A?.
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