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Centerville is the headquarters of Greedy Cablevision Inc. The cable company is about to expand service to two nearby towns, Springfield and Shelbyville. There needs to be cable connecting Centerville to both towns. The idea is to save on the cost of cable by arranging the cable in a Y-shaped.
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cayley- hamilton theorem states that a matrix satisfies its characterstics polynomial. That is PA(lumbda) is the characterstic polynomial of a sqaure matrix A, then Pa (A) = 0. verify cayley Hamilton theorem for A=[ 1 4                                                                                                                                              3 11]  .
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Cantwell Associates, a real estate developer, is planning to build a new apartment complex consisting of one-bedroom units and two- and three-bedroom townhouses. A total of 168 units is planned, and the number of family units (two- and three-bedroom townhouses) will equal the number of one-bedroom units. If the number.
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