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81.Many small businesses choose to outsource their payroll activities to firms that specialize in providing payroll services. Dolores Yu operates a payroll processing business in Calabasas, California. When she prints and delivers payroll checks to her clients, her work is part of her firm's a)revenue cycle. b)expenditure cycle. c)financing cycle. d)production cycle. 82.Hector Sanchez works.

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51.Concerning a master file, which of the following statements is false? a)It is conceptually similar to a ledger in a manual AIS. b)It stores cumulative information about an organization's resources. c)It exists across fiscal periods. d)Its individual records are not changed. 52.Basic data storage concepts define both entities and attributes.  An entity is.

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31.The primary focus of an AIS course, as opposed to other IS courses, is on a)application of information technology. b)use of accounting software. c)understanding how information technology can be used to improve AIS processes. d)preparation of financial statements. 32.The AIS must include controls to ensure a)safety and availability of data..

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Chapter 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.An agreement between two entities to exchange goods or services or any other event that can be measured in economic terms by an organization is a)give-get exchange b)transaction c)revenue d)processing cycle 2.Groups of related business activities such as the acquisition of merchandise and payment of vendors are called a)transaction cycles. b)economic cycles. c)business.

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31.A chart of accounts is an example of (select all that apply) a)sequence codes b)block codes c)group codes d)hierarchical codes 32.Inventory items are often coded with these a)sequence codes b)block codes c)group codes d)hierarchical codes 33.A listing of general ledger accounts by account number is called the a)chart of accounts. b)listing of accounts. c)trial balance. d)subsidiary accounts. 34.Regarding codes,.

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In a DFD, a square box represents a)       data sources and destinations. b)       data flows. c)       transformation processes. d)       data stores. In a DFD, a "data sink" is also known as a)       data stores. b)       transformation processes. c)       data flows. d)       data destinations.   In a DFD, an arrow represents a)      .

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11.The benefit produced by the information minus the cost of producing it. a)Goal congruence b)Information c)Information overload d)Value of information 12.An accounting information system (AIS) processes __________ to provide users with __________. a)data; information b)data; transactions c)information; data d)data; benefits 13.How many components are found in an AIS? a)three b)four c)five d)six 14.An accounting information system in.

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Chapter 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.A set of two or more interrelated components that interact to achieve a goal is: a)A system b)An accounting information system c)Data d)Mandatory information 2.This results when a subsystem achieves its goals while contributing to the organization's overall goal. a)Goal conflict b)Goal congruence c)Value of information d)Systems congruence 3.Goal conflict may result when a)A decision or action of a.

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Match the database realm to the appropriate activity. A) Create database tables B) Update data C) Create database model 20) Database designer realm 21) Database builder realm 22) Database user realm 23) Which database architecture is a relatively new type of database? A) Dimensional B) XBRL C) Relational D) Network 24) Which database architecture is typically used for data warehouses? A) Dimensional B) XBRL C).

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CH 3 MULTIPLE CHOICE The narratives, diagrams, charts, and other written materials that explain how a system works are collectively called a)       documentation. b)       data flows. c)       flowcharts. d)       schema. One popular means of documenting a system is to develop diagrams, flowcharts, tables, and other graphical representations of information. These are often.

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11.The transaction cycles relate to one another and interface with this to generate information for both management and external parties. a)general ledger and reporting system b)accounting information systems c)computer processor d)human resources cycle 12.Many modern accounting software packages offer separate transaction cycle modules.  What is the reason for this? a)Every organization does not need to.

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In creating DFDs, a context diagram a)       Includes major transformation processes. b)       Depicts systems boundaries. c)       Is not necessary. d)       Is very detailed. In a payroll processing DFD, the "prepare reports" activity will be represented by __________, the "employee payroll file" will be represented by __________, and the "bank" will be represented by __________..

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41.A general journal a)is used to record infrequent or non-routine transactions. b)simplifies the process of recording large numbers of repetitive transactions. c)records all detailed data for any general ledger account that has individual sub-accounts. d)contains summary-level data for every account of the organization. 42.The general ledger a)is used to record infrequent or non-routine transactions. b)simplifies.

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