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Surface Regions: 1. Fill in the anatomical terms for these anterior surface regions: a. Shoulder: b. Armpits: c. Wrist: d. Thigh: e. Forearm: f. Side of leg: g. Foot: h. Chest: i. Navel: j. Hip: 2. Fill in the anatomical terms for these posterior surface regions: a. Ear: b. Thigh: c. Spine: d. Heel: e. Elbow: f. Calf: g. Head: h. Sole: i. Arm: j. Back: .
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2. Nose, alveolus, bronchi, bronchiole, pharynx, larynx, nasal cavity, trachea. a) Use the above terms to trace air entering, then leaving the body. Write the path below. b) Rank the oxygen level in each stage from highest to lowest. c) Rank the carbon dioxide level in each stage from highest to lowest. 3. Form.
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6. Which dissecting tools should be used for pointing to structures, removing connective tissue, and separating structures, and why? 7. Which two endocrine glands are made of a mixture of nervous and epithelial tissues? 8. Fill in the following chart, describing the location and hormones produced by each gland. Gland Location Hormone(s) Adrenal     Ovary     Pancrea     Testis     Thymus     Thyroid     .
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12. What is the relationship between the components of VC? 13. What are two ways for MRV to increase? 14. Describe the damage to specific parts of the respiratory system in these disorders: 15. Describe the reasons for expecting larger lung volumes from “stronger” lungs as opposed to “weaker lungs”. .
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3.Match the muscle to its function: 4. List the four main categories of spinal nerves. 5. a. Rearrange the following terms so that they reflect the proper order of a spinal reflex: pain receptor, effector muscle, motor neuron, sensory neuron, spinal cord. b. Which of the above terms would be different if the reflex.
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1. What advantage does sexual reproduction have over asexual reproduction? 2. Compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis. 3. Match the term to its best description: 4. Having unattached earlobes is a dominant trait over attached earlobes. Calculate the probability of two parents who are heterozygous for unattached earlobes having a child with attached.
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14. What does agglutination mean in blood typing tests? 15. Type O individuals used to be called the universal donors because their blood could be donated to any other blood type. This label is now considered outdated because transfusion reactions can occur. Speculate on the reasons for the transfusion reaction. 16. What.
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