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Sharing And Benefiting From Study Documents

Peer to peer sharing is a very important aspect of the college experience. The benefits include but not limited to cost cutting, saving time and avoiding repetitive tasks. This makes the platforms available for document sharing indispensible for college students. Documents prepared by students including graded assignments, essays, class notes, completed tests etc, can be shared with students across the globe using our document sharing service. This service is one of the most beneficial modules with over 2 Million Study resources. This sharing platform is user-friendly and fast with almost unlimited storage, sharing and viewing.

Why Should I Share Class Notes?

Sharing a document is one of the best practices for any graduate as it allows him or her to help other students while saving the time and effort by taking the same assistance from other students. The documents shared on ScholarOn are unique, checked for repetition and regularly updated for improved security and classification. The ScholarOn study resources for college students is one of the most prominent features of the site and has helped hundreds of students with assignments, exam preparation and better grades. The ability to access unlimited documents and the possibility of sharing your own class notes can be a solution for not just your class needs but for earning credits on the site as well.

The credit system on ScholarOn works based on each individual document value and hence is accurate and fair. The rejection rate is considerably low than most similar websites as we work on a negative deletion model. This means, your document can be approved automatically but never rejected automatically. The review report after checking the document always goes through a person, a human being before it can be rejected. If the document passes the automatic testing, then it is approved instantly. This ensures you will never lose a document or be rejected unfairly unless the document is either objectionable based on our sharing policies or the same document already exists on our server.

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Risks Involved In Sharing Course Notes

However, the process of document sharing comes with its own risks for both the uploader and the user. The first fact that students sharing a document need to understand is that the documents shared are not an exclusive property anymore. Many websites including ours have privacy option while sharing documents. Students need to choose this option if they want to share the document only within a closed group. This option further prohibits any search engine from accessing the document, thereby avoiding any chance of the document becoming public.

This option is available for both premium and normal members. Enabling privacy, however, will not add the document credits to your account, as you are using it primarily for your personal use. The aim of document sharing both on personal and public levels is to provide you the opportunity to see how good your notes are. The solved text papers and such have helped students grade themselves with the help of peer comments as well. There are certain restrictions on the shared documents as well. The credits can be used for expert assistance, study help or for extending your daily limits for products like flashcards as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are these documents?

Where are they collected from?

Will it be considered plagiarism if I use these documents directly?

Yes! You can only use these documents as a reference to create your own work.

How is my document available in this list? I did not upload it.

This is a sharing portal and we only check the validity of the document and its originality. So, if you find your document uploaded without your permission, you can let us know by flagging the document using the "Flag" button and we will immediately take appropriate action for the takedown..

How can I report a document shared on this site?

Click on the "Flag" button above the document viewer and choose the reason for reporting. Immediate action will be taken for taking down the document.

How much can I earn by sharing my own documents?

What is the waiting time after uploading?

I uploaded documents but did not receive credits.

Upload Your College Study Guides And Notes

The document sharing and approval system is one of the fastest and can offer you enough credits to last you for the whole semester. Peer-to-Peer sharing is encouraged and college study guides and notes are abounding in our collection. This is a great opportunity for any student to find a multitude of information classified under the document type, like class notes, close notes, and other study resources for college students. The comfort of a quick search along with the excellent indexing system allows students to find the exact document within moments. Our collection is not time sensitive and is available at any time both on the private and public sharing platforms

Types of Acceptable Study Resources


Be it critical thinking, reasoning or argumentation, essays are one of the most important tools in shaping the student intellect and provide a sandbox for testing these skills in real time. A well-written essay can display the thinking pattern, writing skills, subject research and knowledge of the writer and will help other students to check their own abilities in the above aspects. Students can submit their graded essays for providing groundwork for other students currently working on the same. Publishers must remember that the essays are now in public domain and hence must submit only graded essays that will not create plagiarism issues for them later.

Class Notes

Note taking is an art and skill and is mandatory for retaining the information taught in the classroom. There are many seminars, training sessions and even full courses available for making oneself adept in note taking. Class notes are essential and many students look for new methods, patterns and formats of class notes. Sharing this resource is absolutely risk free and this is one of the most immensely sought after documents in our collection.

Study Notes

Similar to class notes, notes taken during self-study sessions are of paramount importance as well. Notes taken for assigned readings can reduce the time and effort needed to read the complete text again and will help other students similarly when shared. Notes for exam preparation and even general research can be shared to display your research and unique ideas for retaining and presenting written information. Our versatile document creation tool contains color coding, highlighting, adding images, special formula tools for chemistry and math symbols and even a drawing canvas for doodling. Using this tool for taking notes in real time and storing it in your private collection is a cool hack for your study sessions.


Almost every instructor will always provide handouts or printed sheets with information regarding the current class. These are extremely important documents. They can either be a part of the instructor kit that comes with the textbook or even something that the instructors have prepared by themselves. These documents are in common domain, come under fair usage, and hence can be shared without any risks. Handouts shared on our platform are very useful for students if their instructor does not provide them.

Test Papers

Many courses delegate over 40% of the total GPA towards the exams and tests conducted. Most of the tests are online and the test interface will usually allow students to take a PDF copy of their graded exams. These copies will contain the answer that the student chose, along with the correct answer and even rationale for the same. These documents are safe to share. However, one note of caution will be to remove personal or contact information or even just block it out before submission for your personal security.

Assignments and Projects

Tasks assigned for individual students or groups are aimed at improving the research, compilation and presentation skills. Many courses can be passed with just completing the projects and assignments on time. Any completed projects and assignments can be shared with other students only if you are 100% sure that they will not be reevaluated either as a part of the overall grading process or by special request. These documents are helpful as samples and frameworks for students doing the same task. However, it is advisable to publish such papers only after a semester is over and the new one has started.


This is instructor information as well. It contains the exact instructions for any task along with the grading criteria for each part of the task. We can note that the difficulty of each part of the task is proportional to the points awarded for the same in the rubrics. This is a neat trick for segregating the subtasks or portions with equal points across the rubrics. Some instructors do not share this information and sharing this on the online study documents platform can be immensely helpful for all students.

How To Get Your Study Resources Approved

Study resources are available from completed projects and even complete theses to simple class or self-study notes. Students like you share all of these resources and each document is tested for originality, uniqueness and usefulness. Further, the more information you provide, the better chances of approval. Information like course, year, subject, college or university can be useful for segregating the information. Tags section can be effectively used to boost your document and help more students. Tags are one of the primary search areas and including short descriptive phrases like "Class notes for Accounting 101" or "Study Notes for College Physics by Samuel Johnson" can attract more students to view your document, thereby improving your rep on the website.