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Last Updated: June 10, 2019
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End User Terms & Conditions

"End User" defines any individual or organization acquiring paid or unpaid services from scholaron.com including viewing and purchasing products eligible for members, using any free or paid tool offered by the website and membership holders contributing material for earning credits.

Copyright Policy

ScholarOn wishes to maintain a platform with no risk to being party of copyright infringement. We respect international and local intellectual property rights of our users and any other third party and insist upon adherence to the same by our users. We have made sufficient provisions in our user agreement for any person or organization using our services to host and store their content. No public display of any copyrighted material other than of his or her own creation or under the Fair Use Policy shall be allowed on any page of the website or downloadable content.

Kindly note that we do take responsibility, in good faith, to immediately inform the violator of the alleged infringement and initiate the due process to takedown any content infringing upon another entity's copyrights. Any content under dispute due to the above reason shall be temporarily restricted from generating any active or passive income for the user until the issue is resolved in favor to either parties of complaint. Habitual violators are liable to full restriction and permanent ban, based on our discretion, from further using our website for any purpose of publication of information.

All notices of infringement and counter-notices from defending users are considered as legal statements made with knowledge of penalty under perjury. Therefore, any parties involving in claims and counter-claims of the above nature are advised to go through the process with professional legal counsel though not mandatory.

Code of Honor

ScholarOn articulates this code of honor as an implement to ensure fair, efficient and safe transactions in all services and flow of information to and from our Experts and Customers.
The aims of this code include preventing

Misinformation: False promises or under and overselling of any service or product
Academic Dishonesty: Using or abetting to the use of Expert Help where the college or university has explicitly prevents the same
Misrepresentation of Identity: Using the student login either on our website or the student's college website for any reason or sharing expert login details with the student
Plagiarism: Submitting copied or duplicated work as your own

Experts will not directly take any exams or take part in any activity in the college websites, forums or blogs on behalf of the student. Nor can any expert convince any student to indulge in plagiarism, usage of illegal academic resources or incite a student to break their college or class code of honor and other regulations. Any expert found involved in such activities will be immediately terminated with no exceptions.
The aim of Study Help and Writing Services is to assist students achieve better grades by explaining difficult concepts, providing samples and guiding students reach the desired completion of their projects. We expect our experts to tutor students only on the platforms provided and hijacking a student to any means of communication other than the onsite chat and email conversation only using our E-mail server will be considered a severe violation of their job contract.
We Wish You a Fruitful and Educative Tenure with ScholarOn!