You have received a lineage of “knockout mice” from a

Question : You have received a lineage of “knockout mice” from a : 2134220

6) You have received a lineage of “knockout mice” from a collaborator. What method would not be useful to confirm that the mice really do not express the targeted gene in all tissues of the body?

A. Northern blot

B. Neomycin sensitivity assay

C. Western blot

D. Reverse transcriptase-PCR

7) Gene knockouts often result in embryonic lethality. What strategy do investigators often use to make it possible to study a gene’s role later in development?

A. Gene knockout using an inducible tetracycline resistance gene.

B. Use of embryonic stem cells from a strain of mice with brown fur and a blastocyst from a

strain of mice with black fur.

C. Implantation of embryos into a pseudopregnant female.

D. Inducible Cre/Lox system for site-specific recombination.

8) Creation of which of the following does not rely on homologous recombination into the genome?

A. transgenic mice

B. knockout mice

C. knockin mice

D. conditional knockout mice

9) Eduardo Kac the transgenic artist produced which of the following?

A. Mickey the GFP mouse

B. A sculpture of the first transgenic rat-sized mouse

C. Alba the GFP bunny

D. A photo montage of pronuclear microinjection

10) Which of the following correctly orders cells according to their phenotypic potential from greatest to least?

A. pluripotent, totipotent, terminally differentiated

B. totipotent, terminally differentiated, pluripotent

C. terminally differentiated, pluripotent, totipotent

D. totipotent, pluripotent, terminally differentiated

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