You can only use one shape fill, outline color, or line weight

Question : You can only use one shape fill, outline color, or line weight : 2162416

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

41) You can only use one shape fill, outline color, or line weight; you cannot use them in combination.

42) The eyedropper lets you capture a color and use that color to create a more cohesive look on your slides.

43) Picture effects such as Soft Edges can be applied to pictures but not applied to text boxes.

44) When several images are selected and Distribute Vertically is selected, the images are distributed evenly between the left and right edges of the slide.

45) Microsoft Office 365 is not fully installed on your PC or Mac, so internet access is necessary to create or edit documents.

46) Text effects include glows, 3-D rotations, and shadows.

47) The Background Removal command removes unwanted portions of a picture.

48) You can include text in a SmartArt graphic, but you cannot include pictures.

49) You can add or delete shapes in a SmartArt graphic.

50) The Text Pane always displays when a SmartArt graphic is selected.

51) Individual shapes within a SmartArt graphic can be made larger or smaller.

52) You can use the shape gallery to apply predefined combinations of fill and line colors to shapes.

53) You can rotate a 3D object to view the object from various perspectives.

54) The Mac version of PowerPoint does not support 3D models.

55) PowerPoint allows the use of 3D objects.

56) Microsoft Windows 10 includes Draw 3D, with which you can create your own 3D objects.

57) Use the crop handles like sizing handles to remove unwanted areas of the picture.

58) When the crosshair pointer displays, it indicates that you can draw a shape.

59) The purpose of the hierarchy graphic type is to show a decision tree.

60) The purpose of the list graphic type is to show sequential information.

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