What the recipe for a mutator method?      What the

Question :    What the recipe for a mutator method?      What the : 2043800

  1.    What is the recipe for a mutator method?


  1.    What is the recipe for an accessor method?


  1.    Use the default value recipe to write constructors for a class Ball where the parameterized constructor accepts parameters for the diameter of the Ball and the color of the Ball. The constructor with no parameters constructs a Ball of diameter 100 and color BLUE. The Ball instance variable is an Ellipse. Remember that the setSize method for an Ellipse is: void setSize(int width, int height) . You can assume that wheels.users.* has been imported.

  1.    Explain why it is preferable to use accessor and mutator method instead of making instance variables public.


  1.    Write the mouseDragged method for the Wheel class.

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